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I'm Haught. You? by aotg17
I'm Haught. You?by Avenger of the Gays
WayHaught in all it's glory. Every story has a beginning and this is theirs. I don't own anything so I hope you enjoy the music videos and art by the Earpers! Please go...
Aesus Jackson And The Titan's Rise- 2: The war of earth by LuvWriting4ever
Aesus Jackson And The Titan's I Love coffee
I continue my journey as Camp Half-Blood suddenly gets attacked. It is up to me (The ultimate skinny teenager in New York) to save camp half-blood and try to keep myself...
I Know Something's Wrong With... by aotg17
I Know Something's Wrong Avenger of the Gays
This is the sequel to I'm Haught You?. Wayhaught based. Nicole met Waverly in the town of Purgatory. Some things aren't quite as easy to understand. Things can be supern...
The Truth After Allegiant by BlissBunny
The Truth After Allegiantby BlissBunny
What if Tris find not die and Evelyn and Tobias make up? Tori is alive. Through training initiates, is Tobias really an only child?
♡~Enchanted Academy~♡ : School Of Magic  by chitogerose
♡~Enchanted Academy~♡ : School H.R
Sypnosis: Jewel Rose Heart, is a cold-hearted, heartless, emotionless girl, was living in lies. With her cousins by her side, Keziah Mae Ariño, Crystal Claire Alves and...
Something Spectacular Playlist by LeeSungKrung
Something Spectacular Playlistby 조나
Songs that featured in one of the story of April Avery, Something Spectacular.
The Danger Force Clones: Clone Bose's Nightmare by A1200909
The Danger Force Clones: Clone alexis
When Clone Bose had a nightmare, it is Clone Chapa that can help him.
The Other #BraveTogether by lisz_joly
The Other #BraveTogetherby Lisz
Maybelline : short story about who the Other is or how our relationship with it changes our way to live. #BraveTogether
Horror Short Story by Nadhirah_Kai
Horror Short Storyby SOPE POREBERRR💕💕
Just a simple horror story but it's be more fun if read it at night...
The Disband - A BTS ff by Yoonmin0012
The Disband - A BTS ffby sugakookies
i wake up looking at my phone. i see bts post on instagram so i click. I read " sorry to all army but we are going to disband. Buy tickets for our last concert at t...
Fearless (Divergent fanfiction) by dauntlessgirls46
Fearless (Divergent fanfiction)by Kat+Viola
Book 1 of the Fearless series In a time long before the heroes Four and Tris There was a girl, who hates her faction. And a boy, who enjoys his faction so much that he h...
Aesus Jackson and the titan's rise- 1: The demigod introduction by LuvWriting4ever
Aesus Jackson and the titan's I Love coffee
I do not know who I am or why I am a demigod and the son of the most powerful gods. (This book is a continuation of the Percy Jackson series and this is my story. This...
Be Inspired, Be The Inspiration. by PureSmilesis
Be Inspired, Be The PureSmilesis
Hey there! If you have opened this book so I am quite sure you have been watching for motivation. Note- This is not a book that's about success in life or on Wattpad it'...
How to Stop Hiding For Your Story by user10919056
How to Stop Hiding For Your Storyby
The underdogs is everyone's favorite protagonist in a movie or novel and in real life. If you can be the underdog, the person who became a rags to riches story, the pers...
POETRY "It's all about you" by Chan-yelle
POETRY "It's all about you"by Everbeautiful
You know yourself more, than what others see about you Believe in yourself, because no one can do that for you Respect yourself, so that others will respect you Be who...
GET IT GIRL !! by chobu_20_
GET IT GIRL !!by sarahwilliams
The Fear by DragonArcherM
The Fearby (。 ● ω ●。)
Alexis is a shy girl with a passion for music but the biggest roadblock as well. Stage fright. It's always been an issue for her, whether it be a class presentation or j...
Love, Kait by penguin_3
Love, Kaitby Kaitlyn ✨
This is my "coming out" about something big in my life. This is also my entry for the #LoveSimon contest I hope you enjoy.