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The Woven Crown (Completed) by PaigeElizabethNguyen
The Woven Crown (Completed)by Paige Elizabeth Nguyen
Ryla is being hunted for a murder she accidentally committed with a magic she didn't know she had. The stories Ryla's been told about those who possess dangerous magic...
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The Magicians : The Answer by Ink-ie
The Magicians : The Answerby Nia
Quentin Coldwater is walking on campus and meets an interesting girl who seems more special than she seems , Is she the one to help stop the beast or is she a innocent t...
Survivor • The Magicians by VRPond
Survivor • The Magiciansby Viola
"You think we were lucky? If we were lucky we would've died too." If you had asked Renada Garcia two weeks ago who she'd pick to be stranded on a desert island...
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The Magicians | Fanfic by HsWho2902
The Magicians | Fanficby HsWho
this is one of the 39 times the world of the magicians has been reset, more specifically the 29th time, however a longer and fuller version of that. ...
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My name is Luna by IBLoud
My name is Lunaby I.B. Loud
Challenge: create a 1,500 word short story telling us about one of the other times Quinton and his friends battled the Beast. I introduce Luna.
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Twisted Memories by TheBFFGirls
Twisted Memoriesby Ella & Chloe
"Bad Choices Make Good Stories." Dawn wasn't anyone's favourite vampire. Except her best friend, Fae's. But when Dawn proclaims an unspeakable offence agains...
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Princess and the Viking by BellaMartinez19
Princess and the Vikingby Bella Martinez
Scotland has lost everything. Berk and Scotland in war, the land was burned and barren. Scotland under attack by dragons. Feeling sympathy and hopeless. But something ch...
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Fountain of Luck by AmandaJuneHagarty
Fountain of Luckby Amanda June Hagarty
Penelope Forager just wants to read her book in peace, but she has an unusual talent for luck--and luck isn't always good. This time, luck steers her into the middle of...
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Third Time's the Charm - A Top 🔟 in Syfy Channel's Contest! by paulapdx
Third Time's the Charm - A Top 🔟 Paula G.
I did it! Here's my entry for Syfy's #BattleTheBeast contest for the fabulous show The Magicians, based on the books created by the talented Lev Grossman! SUMMARY: Quent...
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The Magician's Heart - Magicians Contest Entry by LaurenSmithAuthor
The Magician's Heart - Magicians Lauren Smith
At Brakebills University, magic is very, very real. Only the most gifted magicians in the world are granted acceptance. Having spent an entire semester trying to stop an...
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Diana by thegingerwrites
Dianaby Gabby
Quentin is left alone after his last run-in with the Beast. He knows it's only a matter of time before the Beast returns to finish him off. He needs the help of someone...
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The Garden Path #BattleTheBeast by AlisonDeLuca
The Garden Path #BattleTheBeastby Alison DeLuca
Quentin confronts reflections, time variance, and moths. My entry for SyFy's #BattleTheBeast contest.
When Illusions Shatter (#BattleTheBeast) by valieriarappatoni
When Illusions Shatter ( Valieria
I'm no good at story descriptions, but I hope this gets a chance at being read. Anyway I'm not really sure what I can say about this except that: -This is my entry into...
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#BattleTheBeast "The seed of hope" by primediode
#BattleTheBeast "The seed of hope"by Heath Pettine
An alternate timeline for the Book Series/TV show The Magicians. In which Quentin risks it all, and a mysterious new character makes the ultimate sacrifice.
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From Another World- (#battlethebeast) by readersmarket
From Another World- ( readersmarket
#battlethebeast (Fillory and Further: Book Seven by Quentin Coldwater) Emery Keystone came to earth from another world, Nostoi; although what most people would think is...
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The Day The Wards Fell by tnanzitron
The Day The Wards Fellby Tnanz
Julia responds to her rejection from Brakebills the only way she can.
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The Tears of the Beast by Madhaven
The Tears of the Beastby Madhaven
Jane Chatwin is forced to kill the Beast. She tried to avoid that task, but failed. The only thing she manages to avoid is having to answer the gnawing, haunting questi...
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I am Martin Chatwin #BattleTheBeast by GreatShakes66
I am Martin Chatwin #BattleTheBeastby Robert Schell
This is my entry to "The Magicians" #BattleTheBeast contest. Please do enjoy.
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Kids Again - Magicians Contest Entry by AmandaBraswell
Kids Again - Magicians Contest Amanda Braswell
A take on one of the many failed attempts of Quentin and his friends at killing the Beast. This is a contest entry for Syfy's Battle The Beast Contest. Rights and image...
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Amends for A Majesty by chrisgabrielthe1
Amends for A Majestyby Chris Gabriel
Battle the Beast
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