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Princess and the Viking by BellaMartinez19
Princess and the Vikingby Bella Martinez
Scotland has lost everything. Berk and Scotland in war, the land was burned and barren. Scotland under attack by dragons. Feeling sympathy and hopeless. But something ch...
The Magicians : The Answer by Ink-ie
The Magicians : The Answerby Nia
Quentin Coldwater is walking on campus and meets an interesting girl who seems more special than she seems , Is she the one to help stop the beast or is she a innocent t...
The 13th Attempt by Fefibel
The 13th Attemptby Fefibel
Quentin narrates the tale of the one time he and his friends tried to take down the Beast in its own house. Little did they know this time around, the Beast is not who t...
The Chatwin Child #BattleTheBeast by rivermightwrite
The Chatwin Child #BattleTheBeastby River
Jane Chatwin was given a magical watch by the dwarves of Fillory that could manipulate time and this is how I think she felt the first time she used it. [ This is my en...
BATTLE THE BEAST by KellyAnneBlount
BATTLE THE BEASTby Kelly Anne Blount
Check out my official entry for the #BattleTheBeast contest! All comments and votes are greatly appreciated! Thank you to the wonderful people at @Wattpad HQ and @Syfy f...
Derailed Little Jane Chatwin by MissElizaL
Derailed Little Jane Chatwinby Elizabeth Lefebvre
Jane Chatwin often wonders if she has gone insane. She's used her magical powers to create a time loop in order for her tools, six students from Brakebills, to battle th...
The Fourteenth Cycle by DawnInk
The Fourteenth Cycleby Dawn Ink
Jane Chatwin has failed to defeat the beast the past thirteen cycles and now she hopes adding a new addition to the Fillory books will help change that. -------------- A...
The Magician's: A Stitch In The Timeloop by MoonlightSorrow
The Magician's: A Stitch In The MoonlightSorrow
This is my interpretation of what happened in the 16th timeloop that Quentin and his friends are stuck in, and their subsequent battle with the Beast.
Vestige: a Battle the Beast Story by amberkbryant
Vestige: a Battle the Beast Storyby Amber K Bryant
#BattletheBeast TOP TEN FINALIST! When Kady, the least likely of the magicians to battle Fillory's greatest evil, goes head-to-head against the Beast, killing him becom...
Further: A Battle the Beast Story by amberkbryant
Further: A Battle the Beast Storyby Amber K Bryant
In Fillory, the air you breathe will either give you the power of gods, or choke the life out of you... An entry for the #BattleTheBeast contest promoting season two o...
Time-Honored Tradition by PrettyKoolDame
Time-Honored Traditionby PrettyKoolDame
Quentin Coldwater has just slipped Dean Fogg a bit of truth serum. Will Quentin get the answers he needs to defeat the Beast before time runs out?
The Pisces Stone by Hewhoiswyse
The Pisces Stoneby Hewhoiswyse
Quentin and Julia have developed a plan to capture to the Beast in a lost artifact from Fillory, the legendary Pisces Stone. Eliza and Eliot offer their assistance, but...
The Magician's Heart - Magicians Contest Entry by LaurenSmithAuthor
The Magician's Heart - Magicians Lauren Smith
At Brakebills University, magic is very, very real. Only the most gifted magicians in the world are granted acceptance. Having spent an entire semester trying to stop an...
Major, and Minor Magical Manipulations  #BattleTheBeast by cldfir3drgn
Major, and Minor Magical cldfir3drgn
When Quentin goes to Dean Fogg for the 22nd time he has more than truth serum up his sleeve. New questions get asked and a more cynical take on events becomes clear. J...
The Hidden Key #Battlethebeast #34 by Roawan
The Hidden Key #Battlethebeast #34by Roawan
"It the same recurring dream over and over," Dropa said as he stared at the ceiling. "Maybe it's a bad idea that I am going to this school." This is...
The Magicians- Sacrifice #BattleTheBeast by Jenk3671
The Magicians- Sacrifice Jenk3671
What are six inexperienced magicians to do after losing to a master practitioner, known as the Beast, thirty-eight times? Fight him again, of course! But in the world...
The Last Guardian (#BattleTheBeast) by NuraNico
The Last Guardian (#BattleTheBeast)by Nicholas Coatney
Within the 39 lives Quentin Coldwater has lived, he crosses the path of a Magician sought out to protect him from the Beast by the forever cryptic Eliza. My entry for...
Alternative Facts by Arcanorum
Alternative Factsby Arcanorum
At Brakebills University magic is real and only the most gifted magicians - like Quentin Coldwater - are granted acceptance. If esoteric school work weren't enough, Que...
Attempt #23 by infinitelee
Attempt #23by infinitelee
The Beast knows, but Quentin does not. And this time, he never will.
Queen of Thorns  by kaitlinglover99
Queen of Thorns by Kaitlin
Jane Chatwin died with secrets, and more than anyone knew. One thing she never confessed to her brothers nor the infamous author Christopher Plover was simple: there wer...