Are You Real? - Jimmy Darling by SKY_KYB
Are You Real? - Jimmy Darlingby SKY↠ KYB
" I don't want to hide but I do it anyway " Syrena was always kept hidden, It was thought as protection. Her deformity; beautiful to her own eyes but horrid t...
  • americanhorrorstory
  • gore
  • horror
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Bloody Face and the Dark Mistress by Evilvillains777
Bloody Face and the Dark Mistressby Villains
Dr. Oliver Thredson shows up at Briarcliff set on framing Kit Walker. But when he is assigned a clever, ingenious killer he feels himself pulled towards this lady in hee...
  • evanpeters
  • kitwalker
  • oliverthredson
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the innocent [k.w] {COMPLETED} by lexscoven
the innocent [k.w] {COMPLETED}by lex
we will stop at nothing to prove that we are the innocent. LOWERCASE INTENDED ;; COMPLETED ;; [ AMERICAN HORROR STORY: ASYLUM ]
  • wattys2017
  • fanfiction
  • ahs
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Sweet Serial Killer || AHS Hotel / Mr.March || ✔ by perfectplaces
Sweet Serial Killer || AHS XX
•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•° Everything changed for Samantha when she stepped at the Cortez and found herself completely in love with James P...
  • march
  • americanhorrorstoryhotel
  • ahs
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gloves & glasses [j.d] {COMPLETED} by lexscoven
gloves & glasses [j.d] {COMPLETED}by lex
my life was a permanent freakshow. ••••• heterochromia: a condition which causes the iris in both eyes to be different colors. LOWERCASE INTENDED ;; COMPLETED ;; [ AM...
  • season4
  • sarahpaulson
  • jimmydarling
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Afraid {Evan Peters} by logan_logan
Afraid {Evan Peters}by Logan
Aurora is just another face in the halls. Evan is just another rebel in the blue. And when the two collide - anything could happen.
  • romance
  • mystery
  • wattys2018
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Evan Peters Imagines  by abigail_ahs
Evan Peters Imagines by Abbie
Evan peters and character imagines. What more could you want? Have not and will not be updating in a while, sorry but life hasn't made the time.
  • jamesmarch
  • wattys2016
  • tatelangdon
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You are not leaving me. Right? {KAI ANDERSON} by amandaa1123
You are not leaving me. Right? { B R 0 K e N AngEl
"Cult? W-what?"
  • ahs
  • americanhorrorstory
  • cult
The Princess of Darkness by RebelGirlsxx
The Princess of Darknessby ¥YoungGods¥
Tate Langdon / Oc "Hi I'm Anastasia" Ana said giving Nora a quick hug "Nora Montgomery " she replied smiling, Tate watched the two women smile...
  • tatelangdon
  • horror
  • love
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Take Me To Church » Kit Walker by jarudpadalecki
Take Me To Church » Kit Walkerby grace
In which Hope Prescott is drowning and Kit Walker carries her ashore. [AMERICAN HORROR STORY - SEASON 2] est. january 17th, 2015 © copyright | jarudpadalecki
  • americanhorrorstory
  • kitwalker
Sex and Madness (AHS Hotel + The Virgin Suicides fanfic) by Rubi_reads
Sex and Madness (AHS Hotel + The R.S. Mendoza
~When he moans from my squeezing and biting, I rip his pants open.~ Running away from life and death and from a relentless stalker, Lux Lisbon checks into ominous Hotel...
  • kinky
  • darkandsteamy
  • sexy
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gone girl ( tate langdon . ) by tposeys
gone girl ( tate langdon . )by ˗ˏˋalethaˎˊ˗
❝The only time you liked yourself was when you were trying to be someone this cunt might like.❞ In which Amy Harmon was done playing games and the moment she set foo...
  • amyelliotdunne
  • ahsmurderhouse
  • murderhouse
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Life On Mars? • Dandy x Reader (and some Jimmy x Reader) (AHS Freak Show)  by SuchFandoms
Life On Mars? • Dandy x Reader ( Zigzag/Ang/Andi
You are the daughter of Elsa Mars, known as 'the Real-Life Rapunzel.' You live at Fräulein Elsa's Cabinet of Curiosities with all of the other freaks, which have become...
  • americanhorrorstory
  • ahs
  • freakshow
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Devils Night (AHS James March) by JOKES_ON_U
Devils Night (AHS James March)by S.C.
I checked into the Hotel Cortez aroound 3 o clock that day. Trying my best to blend in. I couldnt let him find me. Because i knew , with the temper he had, he'd kill me...
  • ahs
  • devilsnight
  • jamespatrickmarch
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Where I Belong | AMERICAN HORROR STORY by freaksandmonsters
Where I Belong | AMERICAN HORROR ❛ winter is here ❜
❝I'm drowning and my only escape, my mother's only escape, seems to be discovering the truth.❞ [american horror story] [post murder house] [ongoing] © 2018 | freaksandmo...
  • infantata
  • halloween
  • ahs
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heart of poison [k.s] by lexscoven
heart of poison [k.s]by lex
when witches don't fight, we burn. A COLLAB WITH THE LOVELY @TheProtecterofhim LOWERCASE INTENDED ;; ON GOING ;; [ AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN ]
  • kylespencer
  • madisonmontgumery
  • cordeliafoxx
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Affection || Shaudrey by Mroleplay
Affection || Shaudreyby M's.
After the first part of My Roanoke Nightmare, Audrey finally finds the courage she needs to ask Shelby to dinner.
  • shaudrey
  • roanoke
  • myroanokenightmare
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American Horror Story Preferences / Imagines by JadeLizAllen
American Horror Story Jade 💕
Requests - Open Preferences are basically the whole book with random imagines thrown in once and a while. (New Version of the original!)
  • tate
  • ahs
  • paul
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Grey Skies / Tate Langdon X Reader / AHS by xoxolustxoxo
Grey Skies / Tate Langdon X ☆ RyRy ☆
COMPLETED (Set a year after the last episode of American Horror Story : Murder House ) " I'm (y/n) what's your name" you say with your hand out in front of h...
  • tate
  • ahsmurderhouse
  • horror
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it imagines.  by rainingfanfics
it imagines. by fanfics.
it cast imagines and prefrences !!! requests are open please note i'm a shit writer so please excuse any misspelled words or any cringe use of pet names :) {lowercase in...
  • strangerthings
  • sadimagines
  • itimagines
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