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"Please don't be lying...." by Coconut1244
"Please don't be lying...."by Author-Kun
Bakugo has a ton of trust issues and anxiety issues alongside depression and schizophrenia He's been to the hospital more than once being caused by his manic episodes an...
Broken and fixed by Leighanne_ismycure
Broken and fixedby GayforPerrieEdwards
⚠️this story contains racism⚠️ Thalia or how everyone calls her, Tj, Teej or T is a 9 year old girl who has been trough way too much. She's been abused, used, heartbroke...
My First Time by brynn_squad
My First Timeby brynn_squad
Doing something for the first time can either be nerve-racking or exciting. For me, it was both. Was he going to get scared at a little 9-year-old girl just hopping on h...
The Terrible Life of Abby Trainer by stampyluver
The Terrible Life of Abby Trainerby stampyluver
A book about Abby Trainer. She is a strong girl who has had the worst things happen to her. She loves her Best Friend,Mary Kate and Lena Fostor. Life doesn't bring them...
Deep down by Hannahbanoonooswish
Deep downby Hannahbanoonooswish
This is a true story about me being a little child and depressed ( ten years old ) and how I felt better and ended up broken in the end.
not always but Forever (On Hiatus) by RomAndParReader
not always but Forever (On Hiatus)by RomAndParReader
Trey left 10 years ago but when he devastatingly has to return back home will good and bad news or just bad news bring him to stay, or make him leave and never look back.
Im in love with my best friend by Persephstaci
Im in love with my best friendby Staci B.
Isn't it a wonderful story when two friends fall in love? Well this is the story about how I basically fell in love with my best friend Elijah. That's all I will say her...
gift for a depressed temmie by leafbean8
gift for a depressed temmieby ඞ•leafbean•ඞ
this is for my friend on YouTube go subscribe to her!
The diary of Peter Thomas by Chinyere1972
The diary of Peter Thomasby Ebube Ezeonyebuchi
Peter's father comes to Olympia with the family and Peter is very happy but still becomes very sad as usual! His elder brother, Paul of 12 years is still dealing with hi...
Thunder Girl by authorcarla
Thunder Girlby authorcarla
LIA, not your ordinary 15 year old girl, very far from actually. Lia could rather be your hero or the cause of your death. It took her a while to figure out what this po...
Battle Scars|✔️ by evam224
Battle Scars|✔️by ☀︎︎Eva☀︎︎
Thea Mason. A broken girl with scars. Scars that have stories. When her life is flipped upside down Thea is sent to live with her father and brothers that she's never me...