721 historias de thirller. by 4rt3mis
721 historias de thirller.by Yoon
Cada capítulo es autonomo, no tiene nada que ver con el anterior ni el siguiente. Si veo que algun capítulo gusta mucho, puede que haga segunda parte.
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✨Love Me Till The End✨ An MS74Q Fanfic by RobertYan247
✨Love Me Till The End✨ An MS74Q Fa...by Robert Yan
Hey y'all Roob is being hacked by @Ali_The_Human so go check me out 😊 Don't ask why it's such a cheesy title for an ms74 story...JUST READ IT!!!! Feat. Allie Roob Bran...
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Samuel Tallmadge: The Rage Within by TheLibertyKingdom
Samuel Tallmadge: The Rage Withinby Alyssa
When a villain brags that he has killed Samuel Tallmadge's elder brother, the young Captain responds in an uncharacteristic manner.
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Pantenia's Secret (BoyxBoy) (Pokémon Fanfic) by PokemonLoveForever
Pantenia's Secret (BoyxBoy) (Pokém...by KevinLovesPikachu
The Pantenia region is by far the biggest region. It is a region that is very hard to get to. Living in Serili town is a young teenage boy. His name is Jasper. Jasper is...
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Our New Life (Phil,Dil and Dan) by Clue_cat721
Our New Life (Phil,Dil and Dan)by Clue_cat721
Dan and Phil been sent to an alternate reality. They have no memory to how they got there but they still remember who they are. Phil becomes king with his son prince Dil...
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Dare the Detective by Clue_cat721
Dare the Detectiveby Clue_cat721
Inspired by @Sentini I'm going to do a Truth or Dare for the Conan cast!
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Ryuk the troll by Clue_cat721
Ryuk the trollby Clue_cat721
I was having a chat with @Laurina1412 and we came up with a very funny theory using a crossover between Detective Conan and Death Note. We thought that it was so funny t...
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