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Avalanche by Kittensrcute1494
Avalancheby iamlowkeycrying
Tsuna freezes in place, eye twitching along with his hand, before deadpanning. He stands up, moving to the pile of snow he had created when digging this certain person...
Wizard among Mafia√ by YaoiYurishipper
Wizard among Mafia√by YaoiYurilover1827
What if Harry feels out of place after the war? What if he gets a visit from Death and Death takes him away from the wizarding world. Because by all means Harry should b...
El amor es de tres by KatsukiYuuri1
El amor es de tresby Tsuna ❤
un triangulo amoroso surge en la decima generación vongola . ni hibari ni mukuro pueden dejar de amar a ese ángel que los ayudo cuando mas lo necesitaban y que estaba...
The Bunny that Captured all Predators (KHR fanfic) by mega_rabbit
The Bunny that Captured all Predat...by mega_rabbit
my first Khr fanfic!! hope u like it!! disclaimer: I don't own any thing from Khr, but the idea of this story Set in AU, in this world, people are mixed, meaning they ar...
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Neo Vongola Décimo (KHR) by Kylerien
Neo Vongola Décimo (KHR)by DarkFantasy Novels
Reborn has been sent to tutor the next heir of the Vongola Décimo by Nono. It supposed to start when the heir's age is 14 but they've been forced to accelerated it. The...
our heart by Sawada_Satoshi
our heartby Sawada_Satoshi
Tsuna fall in love with Hibari kyoya, but Tsuna think Kyoya don't feel the same way as him. But Tsuna didn't know was that Kyoya also love him. Tsuna need a help from hi...
【KHR - Doujinshi】[6927] Thư tình? by NgnThu456
【KHR - Doujinshi】[6927] Thư tình?by Hoshi
Couple: 6927 - Mukuro x Tsuna Ảnh bìa cre: Pinterest Bản dịch thuộc về tôi, vui lòng không mang đi nơi khác khi chưa có sự cho phép !
Twisted Love: He Is Mine by memo-ruru
Twisted Love: He Is Mineby Prince Memo
He is mine. No one touches him but me. Those unfortunate souls who dare defy my rule will be subjected to a hell worse than death. He is mine. No one touches him but me...
Peace by Blaze_girl
Peaceby (Blaze_Writer)
"Fate has always been cruel." "It always ended the same." "Stop it." "Is is always the same fate?" Characters belong to Akira Ama...
a stone to break, a song to save by talkshitgethit1314
a stone to break, a song to saveby Cielo Tempesta
[Musician AU] - singer/rapper Tsuna + others Sawada Tsunayoshi; aloof, quiet, nobody. At least that was what everyone had thought. Attending a school majoring music, eve...
THE FLOOR IS LAVA by Kittensrcute1494
THE FLOOR IS LAVAby iamlowkeycrying
He sneaks behind them, glad he had taken his boots off to ensure efficient quietness, and sucks in a deep breath while moving his phone up. "THE FLOOR IS LAVA!"...
Welcome Back by mintyjeung
Welcome Backby Jeung
Tsuna looked up and smiled, "Sorry-" OOC!Tsuna, OOC!Mukuro Warning: Fluff, 6927 or should I say 2769 since Mukuro doesn't actually "say" that he love...
Kijutsu-shi no Kokoro by InfaroyyaAlKarimah
Kijutsu-shi no Kokoroby Royal-Chan
It's not easy to trust. But for you, I might actually try... Disclaimer: I don't own the song used nor the characters!
Một vài mẫu chuyện nhỏ về Mukuro và Tsunayoshi by JuliLia_PL
Một vài mẫu chuyện nhỏ về Mukuro v...by Mây
Cậu- Tsuna vô dụng đã trở thành Vongola Decimo. Hắn- Mukuro là người bảo vệ sương mù của cậu Chuyện tình của hai người chính thức được Eiko này chấp cánh trong tác phẩm...
One shorts by AyumiKuran
One shortsby Ayumi Kuran
Serie de onse shorts de diferentes parejas, por muy raras que parezcan, da igual porque esto es ¡One Shorts! Donde el modo pervertido predomina, donde hay momentos dulce...
Longfic mừng sinh nhật anh Dứa by JuliLia_PL
Longfic mừng sinh nhật anh Dứaby Mây
Đây là longfic nối tiếp nhiều tác giả, trong đó có mình :))) Mạn phép đăng khi đã nhận được sự cho phép của các tác giả còn lại Một mảnh ghép lãng mạn của anh Dứa và bé...
Café Love by LittleLadyLime
Café Loveby LittleLadyLime
A CEO plus a Part-time Barista equals a fairy tale-like love? When your main characters are Rokudo Mukuro and Sawada Tsunayoshi, then no, not really. 6927, OOC-ness, att...