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MoRan Shots - By Janescripter ✓ by janescripter
MoRan Shots - By Janescripter ✓by 지네
It's a Fanfiction (Shots) based on Sony Sab Tv Ziddi Dil Maane Na lead couple 'MoRan' (Monami+Karan). Special Agent Major Karan Shergill, a rough and tough agent. He has...
The Kamado Family by IloveAnime32499
The Kamado Familyby Animelover324
at first there is one world where you got a quirk or turned into a demon. heroes and demon slayers existed together to try to bring peace to all of those not yet affecte...
A Father A New Life Start Book 4 by Sebastain500
A Father A New Life Start Book 4by 🌸Sumire and Otiz🦊
Hello this is book 4 of A Father A New Life Start This cover 6th year and it gives an out look on the characters and how they deal with everything. Just what is Dumbles...
We fell together frisk x male reader  by Jimmys2455
We fell together frisk x male read...by Toast Chara
Well looks like you fell underground you'll find monsters but will you find love or LOVE (Ps frisk is 13, your 14)
Dear Mr.white✔ by NiyatiShinde9
Dear Mr.white✔by Niyati Shinde
SHORT STORY We don't really care about people when they are standing right besides us but we understand thier importance as soon as they are gone well same shit happene...
We Made It by -Baandss-
We Made Itby -Baandss-
(FIFTH AND LAST BOOK) Alyssa and Matt are separated and the 5sos crew is completely in the story now. Alyssa and Luke Hemmings are dating but Alyssa is questioning their...
Midnight Sun by fanficz78
Midnight Sunby Layla & Harmony
Ever wondered if there was a 5th Twilight book? What would it be like? What would happen? Well, now all those questions are going to be answered! We are creating a 5th t...
Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Pt. Five by Lucario_Remendezo
Transformers More Than Meets The E...by Lucario_Remendezo
The Decepticons that were thought to be dead come back better than ever because the All Spark was used to reviving Decepticons so it keeps on doing that
That day.... by XsyashiasX
That day....by 🥀{Bun bun!}🥀
That day is the day no one talks about. That day is the day that the Garret family's worst fear came true. That day is the day that the Garret's don't talk about. What d...
Minecraft-Hunger Games:  18 players by DiamondGamerXY
Minecraft-Hunger Games: 18 playersby Bwerry
Berry, Puppy, Chaloopa, Scarlett, Endy, Red, Emma, Emili, Neko [April], LG [LittleCoolGirl], Dino, Paul, Yahaira, Andrew, Dark Neko [Twin April], Wow wow Wubsy [Wubsy]...
A Horse Story Book 5: A True Friend is a Horse by atherodeogirl16
A Horse Story Book 5: A True Frien...by TrueEQUESTRIAn
When this little girl gets a horse for her birthday, nothing could make her any happier. Her only friend is the horse. Book 5 in my self written horse book series.
Contests by PegasusGirl14
Contestsby Artiztic
A platform to showcase your talents. This book will contain contests that anyone can participate in. Good Luck!
His Secretary (COMPLETED) by njelmey
His Secretary (COMPLETED)by angel
Gabriel Rodriguez, the CEO of his dad's company. A strict CEO and a hardworking one. Will look for a new secretary since the others resigned from their work. "Gwapo...
Past is in the past by Izzy27299
Past is in the pastby Not active
5th book The last one to! I won't make a 6th! (Maybe) This book is to some up what happen thru all FIVE books This one might be shorter Like 1-10 parts or 16 parts (Ab...
Practice book by pandasquads
Practice bookby pandasquads
A book where i practice my writing skills
The Random Thing You Shall Ever Read 5 by watermelongamer
The Random Thing You Shall Ever Re...by FANDOM TRASH
{ Asdf moment here * Watermelon: * smiles * Puppet: It's just you, me, and the moon Moon: YOU TWO SHOULD KISS! Watermelon: PERVERT
Artbook #5!!!  by -Shadow_Reaper-
Artbook #5!!! by Shadow Snatcher
I'm on my fifth Artbook Guys :)