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Where to Find You [calum hood soulmate au] by balsamiccth
Where to Find You [calum hood soul...by kait
Society has a system, it's not the easiest, but it has matched every human with another. Each person has an indicator, and indicators come in many different forms. Each...
Unexpected | Calum Hood by SavSOS_
Unexpected | Calum Hoodby Sav
A night out. A conversation that led to more. Now their lives are forever intertwined and they must find a way to deal with the unexpected. Highest Rankings: 1 in Calum...
Bruises • Luke Hemmings a.u  by JadedAmber_
Bruises • Luke Hemmings a.u by JadedAmber_
Helen has always heard that love is blind, but she's starting to realise that love may not be blind after all, but rather forbidden, and in the shape of her step-father...
publicity + cth by hufluke
publicity + cthby kim<3
"look me in the eyes and tell me you don't miss the way I used to run my hands down your pretty body." in which a model is forced to date her ex boyfriend for...
Complicated | Calum Hood (Sequel to Unexpected) by SavSOS_
Complicated | Calum Hood (Sequel t...by Sav
Juggling newfound parenthood with Calum's busy band schedule is proving to be hard. Do Jes and Cal have a love strong enough to withstand when things get complicated? Co...
Secrets [m. clifford] by 5sosidk
Secrets [m. clifford]by ♡
se·cret /sēkrit/ noun something that is kept or meant to be kept unknown or unseen by others. everybody has secrets, but only Michael and Grace have a secret big eno...
Fall For You - l.h by xKelsey5SOSx
Fall For You - l.hby xKelsey5SOSx
❝Those four idiots changed my life❞ © xKelsey5SOSx
School Bus [m. clifford] by 5sosidk
School Bus [m. clifford]by ♡
she sits with him on the school bus, yet they never talk to each other.
when did we lose it all [5SOS] by 5sosidk
when did we lose it all [5SOS]by ♡
"You know I love you, right?" "I know, Luke." - in which a boy with a troubled past wants love but believes he doesn't deserve it, and a girl who j...
Trust [a. irwin] by 5sosidk
Trust [a. irwin]by ♡
"You know you can trust me." "I can't just trust you, it doesn't work that way."
Time Flies (Book 4) [l. hemmings] by 5sosidk
Time Flies (Book 4) [l. hemmings]by ♡
What kind of mess have we gotten ourselves into
Wherever You Are - l.h by xKelsey5SOSx
Wherever You Are - l.hby xKelsey5SOSx
❝What am I meant to do?He broke my heart and I am still in love with him❞ Sequel to Fall For You - © xKelsey5SOSx
Everything I didn't say // m.c. by Brookeloves_mc
Everything I didn't say // m.c.by Brookeloves_mc
Alice Williams was head over heals for Michael. Michael Clifford was bending over backwards for Alice. There was just one problem though.. their best friend, Luke, could...
empty wallets || m.g.c by Indyamarra
empty wallets || m.g.cby maddy 🍓🇦🇺
"get you high when i'm high, so we see eye to eye." in which a college figure skater finds herself being sought-after by the campus bad boy and star hockey pla...
Wonderland - Lashton | COMPLETED by FiftyShadesOfStyles
Wonderland - Lashton | COMPLETEDby Christina
Luke and his family won a trip to go to Australia for the summer. The trip include a rented beach house and the plane tickets for the whole Hemmings family. The blonde w...
Punk Rock, Babe 》 clifford *Book One* (EDITING) by papimalik
Punk Rock, Babe 》 clifford *Book O...by melanie
❝Why are you all dressed like that?❞ ❝Punk rock, babe❞ Copyright © 2014 papimalik COVER CREDIT: authorssoul Nov. 25 2014- Dec. 23 2014 Warnings: This story could conta...
s l e e v e s || l.h. by NamelessBanana
s l e e v e s || l.h.by k a y e
He just wanted to save her. It was too late. sleeves © NamelessBanana 2014
A Closeted Secret // 5SOS by KodysWriting
A Closeted Secret // 5SOSby Kody
Michael is a trans guy and refuses to let anyone know. He's hiding behind binders, baggy flannels, cheap hiking boots and a forced deep voice. These 3 guys walk into his...
Want You Back | c.h. by SavSOS_
Want You Back | c.h.by Sav
He'd loved her. She'd left. But he would always want her back
2nd Chance // Muke by KodysWriting
2nd Chance // Mukeby Kody
Heavy Trigger Warning for topics such as Eating Disorders, Suicide and Self Harm. Luke has been struggling with an eating disorder for 3 years. One day he ends up in a h...