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Love At First Scar || Luke Hemmings AU by cunningcalum
Love At First Scar || Luke Hemming...by Elle
"Never again am I letting you go." "And never again am I giving up on us." -- in need of major editing!! [Warning: This story deals with self harm an...
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Forbidden || completed || by 5sosfangirltexts
Forbidden || completed ||by 5sosfangirltexts
Aria Irwin has made a lot of mistakes in her life, like that one time she thought she could climb a tree too tall when she was ten years old. Or that one time she accide...
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Take Me To The Finish Line // C.H by dreamer0101
Take Me To The Finish Line // C.Hby S
Bridgette was a rather famous girl. She was famous for being... Well she doesnt know either. She was part of the Donnelann family , one of the richest families in New Yo...
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Dress On The Floor | L.H. by dreamer0101
Dress On The Floor | L.H.by S
Darian was new to New Zealand and she was excited for her new year at College , being her usual naive self. The moment she opened her dorm's room she was hoping not to g...
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Unexpected Love // Michael fanfic by liams_paynecakess
Unexpected Love // Michael fanficby liams_paynecakess
{@liams_paynecakess is my instagram username } Hollie Simmons heart was torn apart by the two people she trusted most. But when the punk guy from school, Michael Cliffo...
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Monsters ☠ 5sos by beaniehemmings
Monsters ☠ 5sosby nïcōlė
Monsters were said to be make-believe. They were said to be the things that kids thought hid in their closets or under their beds. Monsters were something a person thoug...
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road trip// calum hood by cthnudes
road trip// calum hoodby Calum yo
Jordan and Michael sat in the back so they could be the disgusting couple I despised but empathized, leaving me up front with someone I didn't know. it was kind of awkwa...
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Mid Century Modern Nightmare ♔ 5SOS by dreamer0101
Mid Century Modern Nightmare ♔ 5SOSby S
Amani was another hopeless soul on the streets of London , no family to look up to and no money to get by. She met two eccentric and eerie guys at the homeless shelter...
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Detention ||Luke Hemmings by ezmartin
Detention ||Luke Hemmingsby ezmartin
Christina DeLuca was the bad girl. She was mystery girl. That's what attracted The school's biggest nerd, Luke Hemmings. Christina had never noticed but since they had b...
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Amnesia by alleykat101
Amnesiaby luke.hmmings
This blurb will be about you coming home to find luke asleep on the couch after a long day of work.
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Mental Center // l.h. by britishbrits
Mental Center // l.h.by britishbrits
"every time I wake up, I'm disappointed I hadn't died in my sleep."
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Fire-5sos by missmiseryb
Fire-5sosby missmiseryb
"Everyone knows that if you play with fire you'll get burnt, but if you play with love...who knows what will happen." 4 guys, 4 girls
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Photo bomb // l.h. by britishbrits
Photo bomb // l.h.by britishbrits
A dumb short story about a girl who loves photo bombing and a boy who loves to annoy her.
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Cigarette Smoke \\ C.H by dreamer0101
Cigarette Smoke \\ C.Hby S
"He smelled like cigarette smoke but then again , so did I" Tallulah hated smoking but was addicted. She was giving her all to quit but nothing was appealing...
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Downfall [EDITING] by oreomalum
Downfall [EDITING]by healy
in which he met his downfall 04.15.16 - started 11.30.17 - rewriting
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5sos imagines by toricastro22
5sos imaginesby toricastro22
i write imagines about four idiots im basically in love with
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My Little Girl // M.Clifford by dreamer0101
My Little Girl // M.Cliffordby S
Ivy had been single for a long time (her friends didn't believe that it was by choice) so her friends had been setting her up with the first guy they see. Natasha , a c...
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Why Me? by 5SOSYaay
Why Me?by 5SOSYaay
Michael Clifford and his girlfriend (Y/N) are watching a movie when suddenly she hears a sound. When she is brutally murdered right in front of him, he decides life isn'...
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