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Splatoon  3 and 8 secret crush by disney7111
Splatoon 3 and 8 secret crushby CCC
Waring: this is my first ship story so this will sucK! After 3 and 8 get out of the metro they start off great friends they get to know each other and laugh with each ot...
one silent octo... [Female 3 x male 8] by BLIXERROR
one silent octo... [Female 3 x mal...by Blix
(grab your psychiatrists number, you'll be needing that for later.) Hey! wanna read a very 'meh' story well bad luck cuz this story is absolute garbage. But if you're st...
A story everyone should know (agent 8 girl x agent 3 boy) by AlittleSomeone123
A story everyone should know (agen...by NanaBorealis
After finding the elevator to the surface, Eight has to fight one more enemy, but, who she finds may end up being more than just 'the final boss'
BEING REWRITTEN A Squid and Her Semi (SplatoonXTransformers) by mintypop99
BEING REWRITTEN A Squid and Her Se...by MintyDragon
I'm going to rewrite this book with more direction and structure. I'm going to leave this here, but the new version that will be further updated will be in another book...
New beginnings  by me_rainy
New beginnings by Rainy~chan✨
spoilers for octo expansion a Splatoon 2 fanfic male agent 3 X trans man agent 8 -- after losing his memory, escaping the metro am defeating a crazy phone that called it...
Sensory Overload (Splatoon 3x8) by FlickerOfTheFlame
Sensory Overload (Splatoon 3x8)by FlickerOfTheFlame
So, as it turns out, Agent 8 has Autism. Agent 3 kind of wished he found out in a way other than Callie causing her Sensory Overload. But it's okay, Marina's told him ev...
AND THEY WERE ROOMMATES IN A HISTORICAL WAY ✨|Diaries of spoon 🥄 characters by me_rainy
Diaries of spoon 🥄 characters -- captain/ex agent 3 X agent 8 -- spoilers for spoon 1, 2 and possibly 3 story mode spoilers for octo expansion -- the story starts aroun...