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Love is Forever by Caristotle64
Love is Foreverby Caleb Gonzalez
[COMPLETED] After Noodle's return to Plastic Beach, 2-D grows feelings for his best friend who has finally become a woman. Will his love be unrequited or returned? [COVE...
2Nu Oneshots by dawnwishes
2Nu Oneshotsby `:•♡°𝒍𝒐𝒗𝒆𝒃𝒊𝒕𝒆𝒔°♡:•.`
Oi this will only phase 3 and up! If you don't like 2Nu, then don't read this. Send in requests in the comments if you'd like~! Will obviously contain NSFW! Credits to t...
Rather Sunny Days (2nu-Gorillaz) by tsuraikawaii
Rather Sunny Days (2nu-Gorillaz)by satans minion
!!!!WARNING!!!! This story is a 2-d and Noodle (2nu) fanfiction . Don't ship it; don't read it. Noodle starts to think a little more about the vocalist of the band...
Friends by notcoolwithyou
Friendsby rachel
Noodle and 2D have always been like brother and sister. That is, until one night, they have a drunk one-night stand- but it isn't a one time thing. The two begin a 'frie...
Blue And Black  by IvyInABag
Blue And Black by ❤2Nu Shipper❤
-Phase 4- 2D won't admit it, but he's been in love with the black haired Japanese guitarist since Plastic Beach. When the two are left alone in the house for a few hour...
She's My Drug by JustRaelz
She's My Drugby JustRaelz
2D and Noodle have always shared a special bond. She was there to help him during hardships and put a smile on his face. He was there to hold her close when everything w...
Gorillaz Theories and Headcanons (Closed For Now. Got Bored Writing These.) by 2DGorillazOfficial
Gorillaz Theories and Headcanons (...by Stuart H -2D- Pot
Sorry about that long ass title.Since youre here I figured that maybe you would like to know that you can SUBMIT your own headcanons and theories!Even if I dont believe...
Hiccup by astronomicbitch
Hiccupby Seth
If drunken calls always ended in such a fantastic situation, he'd make a note to do it more often.
Wild in the Spirit house fic 2nu by 2nu4life
Wild in the Spirit house fic 2nuby RequestCringeFanfics
The gang goes to visit the spirit house again. But things seem to get a little crazy.
One shots & Excerpts (Gorillaz) by CaptainAwkward
One shots & Excerpts (Gorillaz)by Dani ♡ Gorillaz
From a non-canon shipping to AU!, here are my excerpts and one shots of Gorillaz. (I do not ship anymore, but I can try.) I will not update this book frequently. New stu...
2D x Noodle GORILLAZ - REFLECTOR by Nnia01
2D x Noodle GORILLAZ - REFLECTORby Nnia Jackson
Despues de la gran aventura dentro y fuera de Plastic Beach, es hora de regresar a casa. Noodle y 2D se reencuentran despues de largos años, continuando en lo que se que...
~The Jacket: A Gorillaz Fan Fic~ [{(COMPLETED)}] by 2DGorillazOfficial
~The Jacket: A Gorillaz Fan Fic~ [...by Stuart H -2D- Pot
It's been several years since the band got together. Ever since nineteen years ago when the new guitarist (Noodle) joined in to replace the former one the band was truly...
Noodle X Reader [A Night Dance In The Light] by SoulGorillaz
Noodle X Reader [A Night Dance In...by 2HornyForD
After helicopter pilot witnessed a group of other flying vehicles shooting down a cruise ship from afar nothing has ever been the same for her. When she noticed a young...
Helicopters Fly Over the Beach by 2DGorillazOfficial
Helicopters Fly Over the Beachby Stuart H -2D- Pot
An eviction notice can make so much more occur over the years. Murdoc wouldn't be a bum on the street for one second. Mainly cause he bumped into an old friend ready to...
twodiccxchefboyarrdee by plasticbeachwhore
twodiccxchefboyarrdeeby Ave
nudle luvs 2Doac and he wuv her but then OH NOES murthicc falls in louv for twonut whot will happen? will 2doccc become a thing or will 2nu? will 2D get nudle pragnent...
Random 2nu Headcanons by TyiauniaHarris
Random 2nu Headcanonsby Tyiaunia Harris
a list of random Headcanons my friends and I made with this adorable pairing. Shippers/ supporters welcome. Anti's used the back door anyway, on with the random somewhat...
Gorillaz ships  by gooccicoocci
Gorillaz ships by gooccicoocci
"oh fuk toochie"
We're Only Humanz by LasagneSushi
We're Only Humanzby LasagneSushi
One night when Noodle is out of her mind with intoxication, she has the confidence to tell 2D how she feels about him. A secret love story, and an explanation on how 'Sh...
You And Me: Season 1 by 2nulove211
You And Me: Season 1by 2nulover1
i dont own gorillaz damon and jamie owns this most amazing band