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Fallen for the Hybrid by yakelin2906
Fallen for the Hybridby Yake2906
Minnie being a Hybrid that struggles to hide the vampire side when she first met Miyeon While Miyeon not knowing who she will get tangled with
It all started with her Curiosity  by yakelin2906
It all started with her Curiosity by Yake2906
Miyeon a 16 year old who suddenly gets curious and wants to know about sex and her best friend is the one she wants to help her Minnie a 15 year old that knows more tha...
Your Touch is Ambrosia by simpbymamamoo
Your Touch is Ambrosiaby simpbymamamoo
Oh Jesus I'm a clown and shouldn't be allowed to have good editor, free time, or an unattended Google Doc. anyways smut and other clown behavior because I keep being gi...
To find you  by yakelin2906
To find you by Yake2906
Book 3 Minnie is looking for Miyeon after five years How would Miyeon react when she meets Minnie once again? (If new reader please read melt your cold layer and reme...
My Happy Little Pill (Mimin fanfiction) by MyeonRamyeon
My Happy Little Pill (Mimin fanfic...by MiyeonCho24
Minnie is stuck on the dark place,she need to get up every morning to continue her dark life. She's not laughing nor smiling, she have friends but even her friends can't...
Empire | sooshu by neverland_078
Empire | sooshuby chippie
It's hard to be a mafia boss, especially when your own people are doubting your leadership and trustworthiness. And in exactly this situation Seo Soojin is finding herse...
My double life by yakelin2906
My double lifeby Yake2906
Where in Miyeon has to be two people in a day In the day she is Cho Miyeon In the night she becomes 'Diamond' (You will get the name later) She will meet someone inn...
A lovely ending waiting to come  by yakelin2906
A lovely ending waiting to come by Yake2906
Book 4 Minnie wakes up five years later just to see her daughter has become a young lady and her five year old son who she hasn't met
Killer love  by yakelin2906
Killer love by Yake2906
Where in Miyeon fall in love with a killer named Kim Minnie who is her patient
Acceptance || MiMin  by localchaoticmess
Acceptance || MiMin by J
In which Miyeon gets stuck in a time loop and the only way out is if she were to face the truth. Or Miyeon learns to accept. Started on: Nov. 23, 2020 🍒 Ended on: 🍒
Art is our love  by yakelin2906
Art is our love by Yake2906
Art will be their way to fall in love
The rich man's daughter  by yakelin2906
The rich man's daughter by Yake2906
Miyeon who supposedly committed suicide years ago came back but with a little girl holding her hand They arrived at the wrong time when Minnie was now getting married t...
A difficult but destined love by yakelin2906
A difficult but destined loveby Yake2906
When Kim Minnie the cold inheritor of the famous and richest family the Kim's fell in love with a poor but beautiful girl named Cho Miyeon What obstacles will life brin...
You never did  by yakelin2906
You never did by Yake2906
Miyeon meets the person whom she thought ruined her life four years ago Minnie who never did anything wrong she was left alone to suffer for something she didn't do Mea...
My step-sister secret desire for me by yakelin2906
My step-sister secret desire for meby Yake2906
Miyeon who is excited to meet her step mom and stepsister. Once they met she noticed something odd about her stepsister Minnie who wasn't to fond of having a step mom an...
Fell in love with the mafia boss by yakelin2906
Fell in love with the mafia bossby Yake2906
Minnie boss of the biggest mafia in Korea Miyeon the popular girl who crushes on the cute but cold nerd named Kim Minnie