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chanhee is straight by hyvngseo
chanhee is straightby maria
chanhee: sunwoo change the fucking group chat name ➯ © 2019
issues by boy_bc
issuesby sun ☼
12 high school boys.. all with their own issues the boyz (bxb)
The Sweetness of Reason by dontjudgemebch
The Sweetness of Reasonby Ari
"Everybody, don’t get hurt, don’t feel difficult" -4minute, Hyuna
Kim Jonghyun by MACHITTAO
Kim Jonghyunby CHA
Hanya berisikan cerita tentang seorang Kim Jonghyun! All x Jonghyun ❌WARNING❌ Uke! Jonghyun Cutie! Jonghyun If you dont like, wisely to close this story~ 😊😊😊
Serendipity || HoonHao by hoonhao_love
Serendipity || HoonHaoby ~Jade
Four times Seventeen teased Jihoon and one time they didn't.
His Queen//Showki by lilmeowing
His Queen//Showkiby lilnothing
Everybody keep calling Minhyuk princess including hyunwoo. Kihyun wonder what if he could get hyunwoo to call him his queen.... Side ships: - hyungwonho - minkyun (sorry...
soulmates♡jinhwi by minghaomilktea
soulmates♡jinhwiby oh yes good ☆〜(ゝ。∂)
a soulmate au in which once you turn seventeen, as long as your soulmate is seventeen or older as well, anything you draw on your body appears on your soulmates as well...
It's Okay~ Juric by Ritaf0201
It's Okay~ Juricby “Felixeu Hyung,” 🦊
A friend group finds out about a secret relationship between one of their own, and an unknown boy. started: 5/3/2020 finished: 5/3/2020 edited: 6/3/2020
A Prince, in Pink? by DaretoDream416
A Prince, in Pink?by DaretoDream0
Despite how much work Kihyun takes on, he's always willing to help those that need it. Hyunwoo, overworked and tired, sees this pink haired, tiny man, as a prince in his...
'Cause I'm Your Home by hoonhao_love
'Cause I'm Your Homeby ~Jade
One shots of various ships. Check the chapter titles for more regarding the ships. ° ° ° ° ° Yeah, the title is from the Seventeen's title song, Home, of SEVENTEEN's 6t...
mx bxb ∷ monsta x. by SonKihyun93
mx bxb ∷ monsta x.by 寿司 🍣
((🙏)) :: a hobby ༄ monsta x - requests are open ✔️
Wanna one BxB one shot --- OUR MEMORIES by justsnowbell
Wanna one BxB one shot --- OUR MEM...by just a fangirl
REQUESTS ARE CLOSED!!! This onshot BxB is Made for us the shippers, if you don't like BxB please feel free to press the x right now. Thank you!❤️️❤️️❤️️ Rank #1 in panw...
NielOng |  Small Steps by plc_ent
NielOng | Small Stepsby PLC ent.
Tag: Fluff, Domestic, might be some angst, Married!Ongniel, being parents Written by : nefariousness Brought you by PLC. Truyện dịch ĐÃ CÓ sự đồng ý của tác giả. We tr...
Be Mine?  |  Kim Donghan x Kim Jibeom by le3chan
Be Mine? | Kim Donghan x Kim Jib...by le3chan
Tentang Donghan yang berusaha menjadikan Jibeom miliknya. Kim Donghan x Kim Jibeom bxb, GS!Jonghyun AU
Just In Time // ShowKi/2Hyun by nerdygiraffee
Just In Time // ShowKi/2Hyunby Nerdy Giraffe
Kihyun has been alone for the whole of 2017. Will his heart feel empty even until the last day of 2017? Or will Hyunwoo come along just in time?
You're the Cause of My Death by le3chan
You're the Cause of My Deathby le3chan
Daehwi mabok gara-gara foto Dongho buat W Korea. SNS fic lagi. Part 6 dari kumpulan SNS fic rusuh 😁
Pray by jongkey90
Prayby Jonghyun ♥️
Due to past troubles, Kihyun and his family move out of the city to a more secluded abandoned city. But there is something strange about this place that causes alarm in...
Instagram Rusuh Kang Daniel by le3chan
Instagram Rusuh Kang Danielby le3chan
Giliran si tukang rusuh, Kang Daniel, yang bikin status di IG - status rusuh pastinya Another SNS fic ~~ Part 4 dari kumpulan SNS fic rusuh 😁
[Drabble] Nu'est Love Story - B-Side by katnoir_
[Drabble] Nu'est Love Story - B-Si...by Hani
A compilation of Nuest's random daily life short stories.