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fuzzy days by noodlesdigger
fuzzy daysby Kelly
2D dear diary, i don't know how long i can keep this up. Noodle is everywhere i go
2Nu Oneshots by dawnwishes
2Nu Oneshotsby `:•♡°𝒍𝒐𝒗𝒆𝒃𝒊𝒕𝒆𝒔°♡:•.`
Oi this will only phase 3 and up! If you don't like 2Nu, then don't read this. Send in requests in the comments if you'd like~! Will obviously contain NSFW! Credits to t...
True love~ by gayerthenfuckingdeku
True love~by Boyobsessedgirl
This is going to be a long ass story so prepare your selfs also a smut warning
2nu Momentz (Discontinued) by Melancholy4ngel
2nu Momentz (Discontinued)by ♡︎♡︎
This will be 2nu one-shot. It can be romantic and platonic moments during on phase 3 and onwards. And featuring any normal AU version. DISCLAIMER: Anything from canon Go...
Love is Forever by Caristotle64
Love is Foreverby Caleb Gonzalez
[COMPLETED] After Noodle's return to Plastic Beach, 2-D grows feelings for his best friend who has finally become a woman. Will his love be unrequited or returned? [COVE...
Rather Sunny Days (2nu-Gorillaz) by tsuraikawaii
Rather Sunny Days (2nu-Gorillaz)by tsuraikawaii
This story is a 2-d and Noodle (2nu) fanfiction . Don't ship it; don't read it. Noodle starts to think a little more about the vocalist of the band, and when it se...
2nu Oneshots by 2DGorillazOfficial
2nu Oneshotsby Stuart H -2D- Pot
One shots of a fictional couple that may never be canon.
Friends by notcoolwithyou
Friendsby rachel
Noodle and 2D have always been like brother and sister. That is, until one night, they have a drunk one-night stand- but it isn't a one time thing. The two begin a 'frie...
You're My Medicine (REDO) by BlueberryShake23
You're My Medicine (REDO)by BlueberryShake23
(Phase 4) 2D Discovers Feeling For Noodle. Does She Feel The Same Or No I DON'T OWN GORILLAZ
She's My Drug by JustRaelz
She's My Drugby JustRaelz
2D and Noodle have always shared a special bond. She was there to help him during hardships and put a smile on his face. He was there to hold her close when everything w...
Wild in the Spirit house fic 2nu by 2nu4life
Wild in the Spirit house fic 2nuby RequestCringeFanfics
The gang goes to visit the spirit house again. But things seem to get a little crazy.
You And Me: Season 1 by 2nulove211
You And Me: Season 1by 2nulover1
i dont own gorillaz damon and jamie owns this most amazing band
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Back Together (a Gorillaz fanfic) 2D x Noodle by ErmacReks
Back Together (a Gorillaz fanfic)...by dr. zaius
After Noodle's return from being lost, she is finally reunited. With Murdoc and Russel, but most importantly, 2D. Now that they are back together Read as the band has th...
One shots & Excerpts (Gorillaz) by CaptainAwkward
One shots & Excerpts (Gorillaz)by Dani ♡ Gorillaz
From a non-canon shipping to AU!, here are my excerpts and one shots of Gorillaz. (I do not ship anymore, but I can try.) I will not update this book frequently. New stu...
2D when are you coming back home? by Stringbean_21
2D when are you coming back home?by Stringbean_21
It all started when 2D got a letter from a mail box and it was an emergency so he told the gang that he won't be back for awhile, but it's been 9 months since he was gon...
Do I Wanna Know? (Gorillaz) by NoodleGorillaz133
Do I Wanna Know? (Gorillaz)by NoodleGorillaz133
Gorillaz Fanfic. 2DxNoodle. I do not own gorillaz and will try to update one a week.:) Cover art by.me. PS i made 2D only 20 so it wouldn't be weird.
Gorillaz memes by TheOfficalFamily
Gorillaz memesby Don
Mixture of Gorillaz memes
My life by christian100394
My lifeby #Kawaii lord.bubbles
Just a few things about 2D x noodle phase 1 2 & 3 + 4 I made up what phase 4 is going to look like I also made a little story
Cigarette Daydreams.  by kidswithgunz
Cigarette Daydreams. by katherine 🌻
I ship 2nu too much & i like to write, so i figured writing this would help with my personal problems & maybe people would enjoy it <3 however, this fanfic does have...
Once Upon a Living Nightmare by doccyanosis
Once Upon a Living Nightmareby doccyanosis
Everyone can go through horrors in their lives. Some have pasts they can't escape. Some have brought it on themselves. Some have it thrown on them. But it's how you stan...