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Supercorp Oneshots: Love Will Never Lie by sagittaire95
Supercorp Oneshots: Love Will Neve...by Tika
Go read "Heartbeat" entry. It is my favorite part to write ❤ You will find a series of oneshots, whether it be a drabble(100 words), or flash fiction of Superc...
  • katiemcgrath
  • flashfiction
  • karadanvers
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vocabulary ➸ words and phrases [ ∞ ] by insomniac_aesthetic
vocabulary ➸ words and phrases [ ∞...by boy oh boy
➸ lowercase intended ➸ the sequel is out! {started; july 31, 2017} {completed; march 20, 2018} {revised; july 31, 2018}
  • tagfiller
  • phrases
  • iguess
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Letters To The Alphabet by kawaiiice
Letters To The Alphabetby rawr
26 Heartfelt Letters.
  • letters
  • friendship
  • feelings
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Frozen by Katheryne236
Frozenby Katheryne236
A (very short) short story about loss and grief.
  • pain
  • shortstory
  • contest
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Short Stories by angelus_paulo
Short Storiesby αγγελάκι
stories with 200 words
  • romance
  • mixedup
  • gay
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A hunt gone wrong - Halloween One-Shot by booksbooth
A hunt gone wrong - Halloween One...by Mariah
This is a Halloween one shot for Halloween Vault presented by Wattpad. Don't forget to vote, comment and share with your friends
  • halloween
  • hunt
  • gone
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Short Stories  by maiabeth
Short Stories by Maia E. Aurini
Short stories for contests, quick writes, and more! This book now includes my entry for @scikick 's heroes vs villains contest.
  • fanfic
  • scifi
  • scikickheros
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A Cold Moment by HicksScribbles
A Cold Momentby Alix
Maria knows a woman has to be ruthless to survive in the territories. But now that a particular deed has caught up with her, has she found the end of her rope? Duodrabbl...
  • wattpad
  • horse
  • fiction
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200 words ~ The Listener by SkyTryal
200 words ~ The Listenerby Josh Cooley
  • 200words
  • exersice
  • writing
Little Teasers by Spr1ngles
Little Teasersby Returning to Wattpad
Quick, short parts of upcoming stories. They'd probably be about 200 words but they won't be finished.
  • quick
  • overwatch
  • 200words
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The Day I Died *Poem* by CandyShopQueen
The Day I Died *Poem*by CandyShopQueen
Inspired by the amazing book "The Day I Died" by @NeonLights1404 This is a contest entry for @Contest 200 word contest
  • tdid
  • contest
  • thedayidied
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Knock On Wood by OnlyKnownAsCOfficial
Knock On Woodby OnlyKnownAsCOfficial
Prompt from Contest #8: "You can write anything you want, about whatever you want involving whoever you want... The catch - it has to be in 200 words or under."...
  • plottwist
  • contestentry
  • 200words
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Mother Figure [Bleach Drabble] by yemihikari
Mother Figure [Bleach Drabble]by Yemi Hikari
This is a two-hundred word drabble for the latest fanficfriday contest. Disclaimer - I don't own Bleach.
  • matsumotorangiku
  • motherfigure
  • hitsugayatoshiro
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vocabulary ii ➸ words and phrases [ ✍ ] by insomniac_aesthetic
vocabulary ii ➸ words and phrases...by boy oh boy
➸ lowercase intended ➸ direct sequel to "vocabulary ➸ words and phrases" {started; march 20, 2018} {completed; xx-xx-20xx} {revised; xx-xx-20xx}
  • included
  • help
  • iguess
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My drabbles (100,200,300 words) by Dio_Zer0
My drabbles (100,200,300 words)by Ivan
This is my collection of my drabbles, there will be plenty of short stories. If you want something short, you should read this. This is totally random. Sometimes it will...
  • beginner
  • 200words
  • 300words
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Beautiful Mistake by ely05arvizu
Beautiful Mistakeby ナノ-Shadow05
beautiful mistake is a short 200 word story where this young lady get lost in the kiss as she remembers him from before.
  • mistery
  • romance
  • 200words
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Journey Home by just_izzy_01
Journey Homeby Isabelle
This was a short story for a contest will soon be part of a bigger idea. ENJOY!
  • scifi
  • 200words
  • shortstory
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All the Damn Vampires by KateGoodman89
All the Damn Vampiresby Kate Goodman
Challenge book for @WattVampires's vignettes and flash fiction prompts.
  • marieantoinette
  • fanfiction
  • horror
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My lost soul by derpy-CaT
My lost soulby derpy-CaT
My lost soul is a chapter book that has a lot of meaning to me I really hope you enjoy Warning: may contain cursing
  • 200words
  • firstbook
  • thankyouforreading
The Queen by TheSexyBrain
The Queenby TheSexyBrain
1st prize Music Halloween Vault WINNER. Hollow's Eve can bring joy to many, other times it can bring misery for those who seek it.
  • contest
  • 200words
  • music
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