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The Fan Event [BTS] by lovelyleejongsuk
The Fan Event [BTS]by Lovelyleejongsuk
"You walked up to the long table, got onto your knees, and they greeted you one by one. Your friends were beside you, that made you feel better. BTS greeted you, a...
  • notcompleted
  • 1stpersonpov
  • btsfanfic
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The Buildings Of the Past by BlankMidGhost
The Buildings Of the Pastby BlankMidGhost
When Cities Fall People Need To Fight To Survive All They Have Is Eachother And Will Protect Them Like No Other Who Will Fall To The Plague Just Like The Fallen Cities A...
  • apocalypse
  • survival
  • scify
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~~~~imagine~~~~ by hiran0212
~~~~imagine~~~~by hiran0212
hi this is me being trendy and cool writing imagines it is woo. im so qurky and alternative which you can tell from my minimal of punctuation and lack of capitalization...
  • emo
  • lovestories
  • 1stpersonpov
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I Always Wondered What 'Nothing' Meant by Anthropophobist
I Always Wondered What 'Nothing' M...by Anthropophobist
Something I found laying old and dusty in my mailbox, and I liked the idea. Inspired by Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and edited because of improved writing skills. Written...
  • thedarkdescent
  • ocs
  • amnesia
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Studentism by TheQueerinTheCorner
Studentismby Mousey Meggie
One day, during testing, kids start talking of having a revolution. Sam and her friends have no idea what to think, and they have to band together to prevent themselves...
  • random
  • studentism
  • helpme
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1st Draft Fridays - A Fistful of Air: Book #5, Chronicles of Marsdenfel by carradee
1st Draft Fridays - A Fistful of A...by Misti Wolanski
Sometimes, the next generation is all you have to look forward to…even if you won't live long enough to see it… · · · · · Endellion Yunan is high queen of the elves, bu...
  • aleyi
  • elves
  • highfantasy
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Neidfen Manor by ZekeKezmore
Neidfen Manorby Zeke Kezmore
The manor's shadow stands out in the otherwise jolly town of Carchoniore. The abandoned house now a refuge for dust and cobwebs, not even the bank dared to take it down...
  • 1stpersonpov
  • fiction
  • mystery
The Lake by CryingWolfNB2
The Lakeby CryingWolfNB2
No name, no memories, no past. A mystery in every little detail. You're some girl wash up on shore, no name, no idea where you are. You're found and cared for. But who's...
  • 1stpersonpov
  • romance
  • drowning
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The Life of a Double A Battery: Sophomore Year by Ane-n-anemones
The Life of a Double A Battery: So...by Ane-n-anemones
Two girls Alexis & Alana (The Double A Battery) find themselves in their sophomore year of high school with new outlooks on life. This is a book about all the struggles...
  • letterstonoone
  • journals
  • letters
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Multiple Meetings by mandralyne
Multiple Meetingsby Trenna
A sweet bedtime story of how my wife and I met for our daughter.
  • children
  • policedog
  • 1stpersonpov
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The Missing Link by saislam1
The Missing Linkby Shamsa Islam
This is a Fanfiction I wrote about Krista Lenz based on Chapter 66 of Hajime Isayama's Attack on Titan Manga. (SPOILER ALERT-be sure to be caught up to at least chapter...
  • manga
  • fanfiction
  • goddess
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For You by Dippingsauce3
For Youby Dipper
When the narrator passes away after getting involved in a car crash, he leaves one final poetic message for his crush whom he never told his true feelings towards.
  • carcrash
  • romance
  • crush
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Life In This Galaxy by SugarRoseBreaker
Life In This Galaxyby Honey Phisher
This is a fan fiction involving Korean music and several Korean musicians including BTS, B.A.P, EXO, Girls' Generation, K.A.R.D, and many more. I don't have a general pl...
  • girlsgeneration
  • willaddmoreartisttagsastheycomeup
  • 1stpersonpov
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His Mind, Drifting in Dream or Memory? by saislam1
His Mind, Drifting in Dream or Mem...by Shamsa Islam
This story is a Fanfiction that is connected to "The Missing Link". The story mainly revolves around Eren Jeager and is basically a written narrative of Chapt...
  • fanfiction
  • attackontitan
  • narrative
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Note To Self by lilTrollgirl
Note To Selfby Krystal T.
When Eva, an awkward, shy journalist meets "This Month's Most Eligible Bachelor" she wants nothing to do with him, but he always seems to pop up out of no wher...
  • undiscoveredgem
  • cute
  • love
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I Choose You (Kamui x Various Oneshots) closed by alcohol-poisoning
I Choose You (Kamui x Various Ones...by Coitus Interruptus
"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage." -Lao Tzu (Female Kamui x Various) Kamui POV Oneshots REQUES...
  • love
  • requests
  • fireemblemfates
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Chiaki x Hajime: Love on Jabberwock Island. by KittenQueenzell
Chiaki x Hajime: Love on Jabberwoc...by KittenQueenzell
Chiaki and Hajime were hanging out a lot more than usual. Even if the killing trial game made by Junko Enoshima was still going on. On Jabberwock Island it was still pos...
  • romance
  • dr
  • dr2
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Entwined roses. Enoch x reader (Discontinued) by JessicaTheHuntress
Entwined roses. Enoch x reader (Di...by Jessica
This is about you and Enoch from Miss Peregrine's school for peculiar children. He's my fave character so please no hate in this story. Also, please comment what you tho...
  • enochoconnor
  • novel
  • cute
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