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Primo In The Future by Mukuro_Rokudo318
Primo In The Futureby Mukuro Rokudo
Summary Everyone was having their normal day until Out of no where Primo and his guardians appear in front of Decimo and his family in Chibi Form?(kids) The 1st generat...
Their Past....Our Future by UnIQueHaRT
Their Past....Our Futureby UnIQueHaRT
In the FUTURE, Sawada Tsunayoshi's Famiglia is having a good time with each other. In the PAST, Giotto di Vongola's Famiglia is also having fun with each other together...
Stuck In The Past by MsAnimeForever
Stuck In The Pastby MsAnimeForever
Tsuna,Dino,Enma,Yuni and Byakuran accidentally got hit by Lambo's malfunctioning 10 year bazooka. Tsuna and co expecting to be in 10 years in the future but ended up in...
His Wild Ways by shezallTHAT
His Wild Waysby CutThroatBitch
Author: S.A.T RATED SPG/Mature Language Vaughn E. Salvatierra dated his girlfriend Sammy Sandiego since they were both on their 2nd year of secondary level. Parehong nas...
Kamisama wo Shinjiru? by TokiLoki-Chan
Kamisama wo Shinjiru?by TokiLoki-Chan
Gods they are what humans looked up to as hope. but even hope comes despair. A God has came to Earth as punishment. Now, what would happen if the Gods clashed with the M...
Truth Or Dare by giottodevongola
Truth Or Dareby Tsuna2772
This is a simple truth or dare for your favorite KHR characters :-)
Mafia Queens (KHR Fanfic) by JazMaligo
Mafia Queens (KHR Fanfic)by SkyMaiden
Serena Jewel DeCastro is an immortal girl, she used to work with Primo. She fell in love with Primo, when Primo and the others left she was heartbroken. After 400 years...
Yamanaka Ino In KHR (Naruto & Khr Crossover) by IrenaScarlet
Yamanaka Ino In KHR (Naruto & Khr...by Princess Huang BeiYue
Yamanaka Ino in KHR (Naruto & KHR Crossover) (Various Boys x Yamanaka Ino)
Where We Roam by TokiLoki-Chan
Where We Roamby TokiLoki-Chan
He was happy, with what he have He is Kind He is Courageous He is Loving He is Caring He Was Innocent He had the Title 'Vongola Primo' But his Guardians knew better, The...
An Interesting Perspective by Kim_Yennie
An Interesting Perspectiveby Yennie
PRISM debuts as KY Entertainments first girl group in 14 years, Being a relatively small and unknown company during the late 80s. By the mid-90s the Company began to exp...
NEW WORLD (Khr Fanfic) by KurotsunaR27
NEW WORLD (Khr Fanfic)by KurotsunaR27
Sawada Tsunayoshi was a Vongola Decimo a.k.a Neo Vongola Primo before his dead BUT his soul is sent to the other world or parellal world This world is very different fro...
 [KHR Fanfiction] (Oneshot) Giotto x Reader by xSkylarBlazeblue
[KHR Fanfiction] (Oneshot) Giotto...by Seira Kazuki
Reminder: WARNING 13+ THIS STORY IS NOT MINE. IT WAS ORIGINALLY GIOTTO X OC BUT I CHANGED IT. I give all credits to: DoNotCallMeAngel She was the one who actually made...
Back to Primo... by JazMaligo
Back to Primo...by SkyMaiden
Another Version of Book 3 What would happen Tsuna and the others turned to kids?! What would happen if the Queens didn't get sucked in the bazooka?! What happened in the...
Vongola's History by Cielo27deVongola
Vongola's Historyby Cielo27deVongola
There are things hidden in the past. Forgotten but is still waiting to be discovered. Vongola's History book witness all sort of secret of its past ten generations. WARN...
The Vongola Ghoul  by Azeryo120
The Vongola Ghoul by White Silence
What if after the incident of the CCG vs Anteiku and Hide's Death Kaneki didn't die but he was Transported in a world where there are no ghouls but something called Dyin...
The sun secret lover by GalaxyTwilight7
The sun secret loverby Galaxy Twilight
the story is about reborn being strange hes behaviour was quite suspicious the others think so too in this story giotto is the tenth vongola boss and have a brother will...
At The End of Crossroads [KHR] - (G27) by RazenshiaSapphire08
At The End of Crossroads [KHR] - (...by Niwatori Mitsuki
Sawada Tsunayoshi died with his beloved famiglia and friends and so he accepted death, and yet once he opens his eyes - he finds himself as orphan in the same orphanage...
The Lost One (UNDER MAJOR EDITING) by Alliiiii_
The Lost One (UNDER MAJOR EDITING)by ~Alli~
///UNDER MAJOR EDITING///(jeje pako nung ginawa koto pasensya na) I never planned to have a childish wife but now i saw myself slowly falling in love with her But everyt...
Two Intelligent Goddesses [Discontinued] by JazMaligo
Two Intelligent Goddesses [Discont...by SkyMaiden
This title is used to be called Detective Goddess but I changed it. Another crossover of Mafia Queens~ Kudo Athena, a famous detective, undercover spy, scientist, and a...
KHR x Reader (Oneshot) by xSkylarBlazeblue
KHR x Reader (Oneshot)by Seira Kazuki
Pardon me for my grammars and spellings!! I'm always bad at it ;w; I don't know if this will go well but I'll try... And This is my first doki doki oneshot :3... Thank y...