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a girl, in 2019, able to feel so deeply about past events to where she's brought to that exact time. as she attempts to save everybody, she seems to fall in love along t...
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Delicate ||Taylor And Joe Love Story|| by AlisonAella
Delicate ||Taylor And Joe Love Sto...by lernjergibaeee
Jaylor Story Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn "We All Know It's Delicate" *EDITING*
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Becoming a Swift: Adopted by Taylor Swift by hrgnyc
Becoming a Swift: Adopted by Taylo...by hrgnyc
Rose and her younger sister Annie are living in an orphanage. One day, their lives will change when Taylor Swift adopts them! Will Taylor be able to handle raising two l...
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What we've lost  by Fev-cult
What we've lost by Fev
She was all they wanted*complete*
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beautiful ➳ neil perry by unwritten-tragedies
beautiful ➳ neil perryby unwritten-tragedies
based on the 1989 film 'dead poets society', a neil perry love story.
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Young Sheldon: Georgie's love story by ladydevils_3
Young Sheldon: Georgie's love storyby ladydevils_3
I just watched the pilot for Young Sheldon, and immediately thought about Sheldon's older brother Georgie. He's not as bright as Sheldon, but what if he finds a girl tha...
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~Love story|| Taylor Swift adoption story~ by Viki_67
~Love story|| Taylor Swift adoptio...by Viki_67
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Taylor Swift Song Lyrics by seasideswiftx
Taylor Swift Song Lyricsby seasideswiftx
Here you can find all of Taylor Swift's song lyrics.
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L I A R - it 2017 by lokiapologist
L I A R - it 2017by serena¡
" mike, can i tell you something? " " anything. " or in which a grieving sister tries to solve the case of her sisters mysterious disappearan...
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"I HATE HER" by WayToStupid
"I HATE HER"by WayToStupid
"We may love the wrong person and cry for the wrong reason, but one thing is for sure, mistakes help us to find the right person." -Taylor Swift Inspired...
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Her Daddy (Kaylor) by thePword
Her Daddy (Kaylor)by thePword
Kaylor fanfiction. Smut will be invloved. (G!P Karlie)
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GETAWAY CAR by lovedinsecretswift
GETAWAY CARby 💛Danielle💛
When Taylor Swift is faced with a daunting and uncertain future, how does the twenty six year old decide what's right. Staying with him isn't an option, she can't risk i...
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T R U T H - it chapter two by lokiapologist
T R U T H - it chapter twoby serena¡
L I A R sequel in which a phone call brings an adult macy ripsom back to a place she forgot existed it chapter two ...
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✎ MISSING ( richie tozier. ) by -ariesbby
✎ MISSING ( richie tozier. )by 𝒋.
❝ all the people i know aren't who they used to be ! ❞ ↓ ⎯IN WHICH a girl goes missing and mysteriously comes back 27 years later.
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Halo Effect//S.M. by drizzymendes
Halo Effect//S.M.by K a t i e
Welcome to the Hotel California Such a lovely place Such a lovely face They livin' it up at the Hotel California What a nice surprise Bring your alibis ________________...
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Evermore || It (2017) Stanley Uris x Reader by beverlyzander
Evermore || It (2017) Stanley Uris...by beverlyzander
Whenever a new kid arrived, it isnt always fun, for the new kid atleast. It's as if the students of Derry High automatically know to bully anyone new because they dislik...
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Jaylor by Movienerdgirl3107
Jaylorby Movienerdgirl3107
This is a story abou Taylor and Joe how they fell in love and their love life.Hope you enjoy. This is my first book.
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scarred // t.s. by aestheticswift
scarred // t.s.by rae
even the smallest of children can be scarred
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✓ MURDERED ( richie tozier. ) by -ariesbby
✓ MURDERED ( richie tozier. )by 𝒋.
❝ do you actually believe i would murder my own mother ? ❞
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Never Change but Never Stay the Same by 13pjl13
Never Change but Never Stay the Sa...by Paige Jolin
Sequel to Everything Has Changed Taylor adoption fan fiction As Taylor releases another album, Paige becomes a teenager, Taylor starts dating again, and Paige makes more...
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