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Tale of The Past and The Future (Adopted) by Wolfgirl162003
Tale of The Past and The Future (A...by Michaela Walters
Harry goes back in time after he dies in his own timeline. He appears as a seven-year-old boy with a different appearance, a different past, and a chip on his shoulder...
Hazbin Hotel: Alastor x fem!Reader [ON HOLD] by Queer_Fics
Hazbin Hotel: Alastor x fem!Reader...by 【M -P】
(Y/N) is new to hell. The decade is the 1930's, and she met a man who took her hand, and showed her the "life" of hell. ------- I sort of left the fandom and I...
The Reporter and The Photographer by magicar
The Reporter and The Photographerby Fanfiction Queen
The year is 1930, and the famous Tintin has just finish an amazing report. Although something new has come up. A new photographer has moved into town, more importantly T...
Silks of heaven | Cillian Murphy by alec_hiddlest0n
Silks of heaven | Cillian Murphyby Alec 🌑
It's the 1940's and he's being drafted to ww2. You send a great time before his leave. You send each other letters every week. He comes back after developing ptsd/shell...
Achilles ~ by angithemangi
Achilles ~by angithemangi
What is it like to love a person who doesn't even exist in my time?
100 YEARS OF CULA by aspieprincess99
100 YEARS OF CULAby Aurelia Aspie
Based on the beautiful "100 Years of Beauty" of the famous YouTube Channel "Cut", I have decided to recreate the various charming fashions and hairst...
Jude - A Short Story by KatClaveria
Jude - A Short Storyby KatClaveria
Based on a real photograph of a Jewish schoolboy in 1938 Vienna forced to paint the word "Jew" on the wall of his house by a Nazi soldier and his peers, "...
A rádiós - Hazbin Hotel FF by Fabos_Lorinc
A rádiós - Hazbin Hotel FFby Fábos Lőrinc
Alastor nevét mindenütt félve emlegetik a pokolban. A démon, aki leigázta az alvilág nagyurait és vérontásával örökítette meg kegyetlenségét és hatalmát. Azonban ki az e...
Murder Mystery by opldragon34
Murder Mysteryby O
One host. Two servants. Seven guests. Who will survive? Who is the killer? Find out more by reading. Heyo, it's Opal, the author here, well one of them at least. This w...
John Payne by krajew34
John Payneby krajew34
Nowojorski policjant stacza się na dno, dawniej bystry śledczy, teraz tylko pijak , którego męczy utrata ukochanej. Tylko bliscy przyjaciele trzymają go przy zdrowych z...
Las aguas del río Sumida by cancermonrovia
Las aguas del río Sumidaby Cáncer Monrovia
La historia en primera persona de Eizō, un estudiante universitario de literatura en el Tokio de los años 20, que tras un período de sequía amorosa, descubre un zulo a l...
Man of my Dreams by Stitcheylabs
Man of my Dreamsby Aah-syeeeer
We travel, some of us forever. To seek other states, other lives, and other souls. ---- Photo credits: @peachier
Summer Nights - A DirkJake Fanfiction by Fanthom_town
Summer Nights - A DirkJake Fanfict...by Fanthom Girl
Dirk is rich and married yet his relationship is slowly failing. Dirk, scared of being alone, attempts to fix their relationship by escaping to their cottage in the coun...
18 by NikiZap1
18by NikiZap1
London,1880...2 young irls are adopted by a criminal who has a secrret.The two curious girls want to know whats going on and why is Simon (the criminal) so mean and what...
Words of hope by Jennifer2116
Words of hopeby Jennifer2116
There are many touching stories on those horrible years of war. My grandparents didn't want their story to bury with them when their moment had to arrive. My grandmother...
Persa magus by PudinAntisocial
Persa magusby Bomb
Ser mago es política, social y culturalmente incorrecto. Por esto mismo en mitad de la Ley seca y la Gran depresión de 1930 todo aquél quien tuviera a la vista un tatuaj...
The Almost Ruined Summer by Enyce_Fairbanks
The Almost Ruined Summerby Enyce Fairbanks
Theodore Garland's last summer before high school just went from terrific to a terror. Because of the stock market crash Theo and all his siblings have to quit their bel...
Mindfuck by AustroScot
Mindfuckby AustroScot
1st draft of my English coursework
old pot and tweed trousers by treesareweed
old pot and tweed trousersby HI THIS IS Scary
Grace-Alice Cassidy is a nineteen year old working her way through life in the 1940s. With her husband off fighting in the war and the home practically to her self she s...
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