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The Sinister Fate of Joseph Redding by FinnyH
The Sinister Fate of Joseph Reddingby Finn Marigold
[Formerly Featured/Historical Horror] Masquerading as a gentlemanly bachelor living in Victorian England, Joseph Redding is a fraud amongst the living. After splitting f...
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Sebastian x reader by uwus_for_sale
Sebastian x readerby Government spy #137
This is my first so idk if it'll turn out how I want it too, so it's probably shit. Oh well, if u don't like it don't read it, I don't care (Edit: it really is shit) Sta...
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Sincerely Scarlett (Letters Of Change Series Book 2)(Completed) by Kassilassie
Sincerely Scarlett (Letters Of Cha...by K.C. Goodwin
**COMPLETED** (FIRST DRAFT) He smiled slightly remembering her love for literature. Curiosity got the better of him as he followed Scarlett out the back door. He kept a...
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Lover's Leap by lovelystrawhat
Lover's Leapby LovelyStrawHat
What is Love and what does he, she, or it mean? Daniel Heinzman, a 12-year-old boy, along with his brother, Christopher, is going to find out. Ever since they were told...
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Wear my Wore by sayingletra
Wear my Woreby angmomentum
Mundo at buwan, attracted sa isa't-isa. Aso't pusa may frenemy relationship. Araw at mga butuin complicated pero parehas na nag-iinit. Oras at kapaligiran same settings...
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H Πριγκίπισσα και ο Σωματοφύλακας by Pligwmenh_selini
H Πριγκίπισσα και ο Σωματοφύλακαςby Demon Girl
"Ηλια,σε 2 μηνες η Αναστασια γινεται 18"ειπε η Ελισαβετ καπως μουτρωσε τοσο που βουρκωσε.Τετειο βουρκωμα εκανε οταν πεθανε ο Γιωργος,ο Αρχοντας μας. "Ε-Ελ...
The Man in the Attic [Edited Version] by KeeshKop
The Man in the Attic [Edited Versi...by Acacia
Megan took a step forward. The floor boards creaked underneath her feet. She stopped. She felt a cold breeze from behind her. She jerked her whole body around. Nothing w...
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Jack The Ripper (One Act Play)  by TwilightJacob20
Jack The Ripper (One Act Play) by Shay-Shay
Get To Know The Real Facts Of The Famous Killer In London, England. In This Well Put Together Play, You Will See Through The Eyes Of Those Presented. It Will Leave You A...
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The Lady in Red by Booklover902
The Lady in Redby Katie
This is a period piece based in the 1880s about a lady with an unusual job. I do not want to give to much away, because of all the twists and turns in the woman's life...
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Where it always has been 1880 by anouwkLnnps
Where it always has been 1880by anouwkLnnps
''We all have a past, secrets to keep they are the clouds on our sunny days, don't let the past cloud your judgement'' "What the hell is this?" Scott's voice i...
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Lady Novella by HoodedFangirl
Lady Novellaby HoodedFangirl
A book that details the journeys, thoughts along with the company and environment of an "undead" but young looking lady. Edinburgh in the 1880's is the latest...
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The man in the black coat by Elin040731
The man in the black coatby Älin
Oz McCarthy is a 12 year old boy with black hair and bright green eyes. He lives alone at his parents big mansion with one maid. Maya. It is a black stormy night when...
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Lilly by Iracebeth0
Lillyby Iracebeth James
Lilly is based on a girl of Philadelphia, Read More to Find More about it Written by. Iracebeth James Iracebeth James - Maria James Production Britains No.1 Selling Book
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A Lovely Vacation by CarynSchulenberg
A Lovely Vacationby Caryn Schulenberg
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I want you by boxbrain
I want youby boxbrain
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Letters to Susan by GillianFeeney
Letters to Susanby Gillian Feeney
Letters to a woman who will forever hold the heart of her damaged ex love.
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JOANA by heyrylie13
JOANAby セブンリング
Do you want to travel with me? Let's go to the past. 3/9/19 (My inspiration for this book: -ILYS1892 -NOLI ME TANGERE & EL FILIBUSTERISMO -MOON LOVERS & THE BEST HIT -AN...
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The regent street murder by booknerd1376
The regent street murderby booknerd1376
Based in the Victorian era. A 16 year old girl finds herself in a twist when she is involved in a murder and she is held the culprit but how can she prove it wasn't her?