1870s Stories

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A Love Already Blossomed by CaptainPhantom24601
A Love Already Blossomedby Jean Valjean (24601)
Ever since Christine left, the Phantom is heartbroken. Y/N is, also, for she cannot bear to ever see Erik damaged, hurt, or heartbroken. Erik just thinks Y/N is overpro...
Westbound (Love Travels West, Book 1) by cradle_life
Westbound (Love Travels West, Book...by Vladislava Mari
If it were easy, it wouldn't be love. With her parents dead and her engagment in ruins, Danielle Preston decides to head out west in the hopes of starting her life over...
𝐓𝐄𝐀𝐂𝐇𝐄𝐑'𝐒 𝐏𝐄𝐓,                          tom riddle ✓ by nimuekru
𝐓𝐄𝐀𝐂𝐇𝐄𝐑'𝐒 𝐏𝐄𝐓...by 𝖉𝖚𝖘𝖙𝖞!
' it's not the fall that kills you, it's never the fall, it's the landing. ' harry potter ...
Scarlet Red (Book 4) by JulieGranger
Scarlet Red (Book 4)by Julie Granger
When the banker's son is killed in a bank robbery, the outpouring of love was the last thing Jonathan Wainwright expected. Blood evidence, turncoat testimony and the bra...
Saturday's Lady by accidental_roses
Saturday's Ladyby Megan Petersdatter
Colorado, 1877. Is forgiveness always possible? At sixteen, Emma MacEilan has seemingly moved on from her past. She's found stability as the maid to a rich woman, who pu...
Tale As Old As Time by malikhaingwriter
Tale As Old As Timeby Angelica
Soft-hearted Malaya unknowingly travels back in time and has to figure out how to go back to the future with the help of a mysterious man, a scientist's apprentice, and...
My Hero (Pilot) by NuttyBuddyBars
My Hero (Pilot)by CaptainNutty
The year is early 1872 in west Texas. A close- fisted time to kill or be killed, and sadly for lil old' town Timely, they are quite in a pickle. Becase it's being said t...
Coal Black (Book 5) by JulieGranger
Coal Black (Book 5)by Julie Granger
En route to Stillwater prison, there is an accident on the river road and the prisoners from Redwood escaped. Can they survive the Big Woods as they run for their lives...
Jack The Cowboy by perezkid13
Jack The Cowboyby Caleb Perez
jack is a popular cowboy in the wild west. When he was at his house he got a letter from his old friend Tom and he was in trouble. And jack was going to take this missio...
The Princess and The Corporal by Meg-is-awesome
The Princess and The Corporalby Meg-is-awesome
Thomas Rogrvend is a Corporal he works for the Duke, he is apart of the Duke's guards. He got given orders by the Duke to escort the Princess, at first, he wasn't very h...
Survivors  by Nevaehdun
Survivors by Nevaehdun
16 year old Celia William is living her life in 1870 after slavery was abolished. With her older brother and sister and her mama. She will never forget or forgive but sh...
Gentle Savage by Wahconda
Gentle Savageby Jeanie P. Johnson
Set in 1873, Diana is captured by Silver Fox. Forced into a different culture, and irresistibly drawn to her captor, Diana is torn between the hope of rescue, or fallin...
Mercurial by hgielak
Mercurialby Kaleigh
"Routines are as predictable around here as the train running through town; always right on schedule with little to no variation. The only difference is that the tr...
Reign of The Blackened Kingdom Book Six by Camp54
Reign of The Blackened Kingdom Boo...by
New York, 1870 In the city that never sleeps, the horror of the past was linked to the vampires purging. But, as the dust settles, rumors of more of the Un-Dead in New Y...
London Towne: Engineered Intuition by BethOvermyer
London Towne: Engineered Intuitionby Beth Overmyer
As secretary to a narcissistic inventor in 1870s America, Englishwoman Amelia Chase faces the difficulties of such an employment. Bombs, clones and shootings, however, w...
Sacrifices  by londyngrace
Sacrifices by Londyngrace112🌺✨
Kind of Based on the Roblox video game When a childhood friend come back for a visit Pamela questions who she is and how she's gonna live her life. Jayden hook, shows Pa...
Reign of The Blackened Kingdom Book Seven by Camp54
Reign of The Blackened Kingdom Boo...by
In 1871, Meredeth and her brother, Christopher, are the owners of The Mansion after their parents retire. When a war is declared with other invading vampires, a new war...
The Road to London is Dead by Livvieofthedawn
The Road to London is Deadby Aevrin Mayrs
Growing up every girl dreams about their wedding and just who they'll be married to. Elaine Frank had those dreams, but hers sadly went wrong very quickly. She married a...
My little sister Roya by Soheilaroohipour
My little sister Royaby soheila roohipour
This is a story about big older sister who looks after her little sister during Iranian revolution. Roya she's cheeky monkey with so many imaginary friends she loves to...
Grandpa Ern's Snow Cottage by Fanfiction5Writer
Grandpa Ern's Snow Cottageby Martina605563
A 1870's based romance. Poor boy meets rich girl. (Original story)