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The Gray House by Smartzolf
The Gray Houseby Shauna
Emma's family is desperate for a new place to live when they have to move out of her childhood home. When her grandparents hear about a place in their price range they h...
Los Quartermaine by mad_max9
Los Quartermaineby Irene Amorós Aguado
1820, una familia cualquiera y una historia tan extraña y excitante.
Victoria Elizabeth: The Dark Secret of Queen Victoria by K8s_Gr8_M8
Victoria Elizabeth: The Dark Secre...by KS
In London circa 1820, Victoria Elizabeth was abandoned at birth and left with nothing but an old, dark, creepy mansion. Over time, Victoria grew greedy, selfish and desp...
You love so cruel by ana_morgan
You love so cruelby ana_morgan
There is a thin line between good and evil. Being a good person leaves only one step to being torn between two sides. From this point on there is only one step needed in...
Pockets Full of Posey's by idkanymore797
Pockets Full of Posey'sby random person you found
alec, Kate, Carson, Moon, and Renee summon spirits and live with them till it comes to knoladge. They live to tell the story of the ghostly tale"𝙧𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙖𝙧𝙤𝙪𝙣...
Elizabeth by bethmcmuffin
Elizabethby SomethingStrange
Elizabeth wakes up in a strange place with strange people in a strange situation. Why has she been taken to this strange place? Is everything really what it seems?
Mixture of Madness by MissMDL101
Mixture of Madnessby MissMDL101
[winter fest 2020 entry] Winter of 1872 had been a cold one. British Columbia's first asylum for the insane, known as the Lunatic Asylum had opened that year. It was i...
1820's love//M.SN Ff by XXXUNKNOWNXXX12345
1820's love//M.SN Ffby UNKNOWN
General Kim Eunwoo is 23 years old yes 23 and a general... almost every girl Like him cause of his handsomeness.. but he never fall for them but he met Sana.
Awakening(Ang Muling pagmulat) by BnbngMariaRosas
Awakening(Ang Muling pagmulat)by BnbngMariaRosas
(1820) "Vamos paraque nonos alcacen!" (Umalis na tayo!Baka maabutan pa nila tayo!) nagmamadaling nagayos at umalis Ang magkapatid. dala dala ang bayong na nag...
Ask or Dare the Reincarnated OCs from 1741-1820 by 8Philip20Hamilton4
Ask or Dare the Reincarnated OCs f...by Pippy Hamilton Nice
I own everyone in this book so far. I shall tell you if I don't own that person.
The way it was meant to be. by HaileyYaki
The way it was meant to be.by Hailey
When peter shows up on Lady Bates door step bleeding. She has no choice, but to take care of him no matter how painful the past is.
These Lost Souls  by sydneyhannahtwidale
These Lost Souls by sydneyhannahtwidale
Being a strong willed and independent woman in 1823- not aloud. Especially when a girl born into the Rothschild family dares define against her "destiny". Dahl...
Taking Chances by the_crazy_C
Taking Chancesby Roselynn Greene
Stefanie walked along the shore of the lake, enjoying the evening air. The soft, wet sand felt good underneath her feet. She breathed in deeply, inhaling scents she had...
combined powers by Ladytoronado1880
combined powersby LadyTpower
Clark is stuck in Zorro's time, he needs to find his Lois, but while Clark is there Victoria disappears also. Clark needs to convince Zorro in working together in order...
Scandal by el_rach_ash
Scandalby el_rach_ash
Clara hates being apart of upper class society. All she ever dreamed of was running around, breaking all the rules, and most of all not having to worry about her reputat...
Elizabeth 1820 by bookwormer200303
Elizabeth 1820by bookwormer200303
Elizabeth is a teen living with her parents in the nicest house in town. She realizes she's not normal. She has powers unlike anybody else. Nobody believes her they thin...
Rachel Robinson's journey  by Lea_sporer
Rachel Robinson's journey by Lea :))
A short story about Rachel, a stubborn girl who was shipped to Australia as a prisoner. You can find out why this happens and how it works in the story. The story takes...