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MARY      (  face claims  ) by ReignSociety
MARY ( face claims )by — reign
MARY | ❝ We all die. The question is what we stood for while we lived. ❞ [ face claims ]
❝Dark Academia❞ by enabhot
❝Dark Academia❞by Daena
Dark Academia quotes, sayings, extracts, books, tumblrs, tweets and more which I love. Highest Rankings: Poem: #24 out of 150K stories [4/3/21] Poem: #11 out of 151K sto...
WRONG MOVE, fear street by cybervale
WRONG MOVE, fear streetby ꗃ ⋆ V A L !
⩩ 𓏲 ❛ 𝐖𝐑𝐎𝐍𝐆 𝐌𝐎𝐕𝐄 🃏𖧧 ָ࣪ in which ━━ veronica "ronnie" adams tries to stay alive with her friends, and if they make one wrong move, they could pos...
The Six wives of Henry the 8th react to Six the musical by Theatrebrat83739
The Six wives of Henry the 8th rea...by Theatrebrat83739
The women of Henry the 8th were suddenly teleported to the present time 2020 to see their lives documented in a musical (PLEASE FORGIVE FOR FOR ANYTHING THAT ISNT REALLY...
A Pirate's Tale by braycriss
A Pirate's Taleby Criss
Due to her father's fears, Eleanor Addiyah Bailly has lived her life mostly in solitude. Her partial African heritage has him fearful that being found out in their small...
Beauty Like a Rose (Levi/Eren, Ereri/Riren) by chickzilla18
Beauty Like a Rose (Levi/Eren, Ere...by Jay
He's a monster hiding in a forest with a 2 million dollar bounty. Nobodys seen his face but he's said to be a hideous mutant beast that will hypnotise you with his angel...
The River's End by Tokarski21
The River's Endby Mark Tokarski
In 1669 a boy from Montreal heads into the unexplored and mysterious lands west of New France to right a wrong, with tragic consequences.
Slave To Royalty by camillert33
Slave To Royaltyby camillert33
Ann - a name her first Master gave her - has been a slave for all of her life. She has been a cleaning slave, a house slave, a blood slave, and a personal slave. At only...
Europa by shekinahboo
Europaby Shekinah
From peasant to concubine, Sultana to the legal wife of Sultan Sulieman the Magnificent, Hurrem Sultan's life reads almost like a fairytale. Almost. The unexpected death...
Book I: Burnt Bliss [BoyxBoy] by Pixiebelles
Book I: Burnt Bliss [BoyxBoy]by Stephanie R. C. Harageones
"We're planning on meeting with Sarah and her parents next week. How would you like that?" "That sounds...brilliant." Will plastered on a fake smile...
The Haunted Portrait | ✔️ by MochaChocolateRose
The Haunted Portrait | ✔️by Bridget G.
Ken Paradox is a struggling artist. He knows that his financial problems will get better after he draws a portrait for Mr. Wakersfields. What he doesn't know is that the...
The New Path by kura_skymning
The New Pathby Nora☄️
" «Don't you see? You're not like them. You don't fight, you don't kill, you don't impose yourself on others. You're not a barbarian, you're not looking for war or...
Viola by inklingofthought
Violaby emilia
I had only seen her face before on a poster my father had brought home about a year ago. When I questioned him on her identity, he flew into a rage. "This," H...
Crosses and Calla Lillies by crystalwlwhoe
Crosses and Calla Lilliesby crystalwlwhoe
Venus is a 17 year old girl from a small Oklahoma town. She is caught by her parents reading about spells. Worried about the fate of their daughter, considering the cur...
Shadow Thieves: The Beginning  by Jay_Novels
Shadow Thieves: The Beginning by Jay_Novels
The beginning of Alex's journey in becoming the greatest thieve of all the land.
The Assassin's Sword by JordanRobinson111
The Assassin's Swordby Jordan Robinson
When Rowan meets an assassin, she has no clue how much he will change her life.
The Stuarts by frenchflag
The Stuartsby Hellooooo
A Simple History Of The Stuarts from James I to Queen Anne - Those who do not know history are destined to repeat it.
Thy Kingdom Come by user22988840
Thy Kingdom Comeby
A short story of an adolescent girl sold into slavery.
The lost and the brave by XxAukuniexX
The lost and the braveby Ashta Juel
This story lies in a foreign land far from what we know today, in the age of Kings and Queens, wars and terrors, Lords and their lands; it's a fantasy romance like no ot...
arcade by rin_34
arcadeby errin <3
based on arcade, duncan laurence published : august 1st, 2021 started : august 1st, 2021 finished : august 1st, 2021 lowercase intended