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Spilled Ink by sparrowed
Spilled Inkby Mia
A piece of soul in ink, and unto the paper it spilled. A collection of thoughts that rhyme from a wandering mind.
Dreams - (Short stories) by VeraLoy
Dreams - (Short stories)by Vera Loy
Short stories, Including 1. My Lucky Day - a woman finds a lost journal on the train... (Chicklit) 2. Marianne - historical flash fiction - regency period 3. Hen Thief...
Love? by SleeplessInChicago
Love?by SleeplessInChicago
My entry for - 13 days of Halloween flash fiction.
The homecoming by NishatAmber
The homecomingby Nishat Amber
I was tagged by @AliceMorris7 for the #13dayshalloweenflash. Enjoy!!!
that japanese poetry by seasofme
that japanese poetryby norma
a place for all that japanese poetry i love so much and plan to write lots of 221017 - (and suddenly this is not only a japanese poetry collection anymore)
Story in Which I do Not Save the World from an Alien Invasion & other Flash Fiction by amberkbryant
Story in Which I do Not Save the W...by Amber K Bryant
Flash Fiction, challenges, fun short things, including this: This is my entry to @ScienceFiction's Challenge 8: The Duoabble. The goal of this challenge is to write a st...
Bloody butcher... by DonnieD
Bloody butcher...by DonnieD
Story/poem for the #13dayshalloweenflash challenge...
Is It Halloween Yet? by yellowbuds
Is It Halloween Yet?by The Yellow Buds Bunch (YBB)
Come out, come out, wherever you are! Come play with us! Write 13 words in a frightening flash fiction story of your own! The first story is ours and then 13 people ot...
The Witching Hour by acheairs
The Witching Hourby Amanda Lenore
Random Flash Fictions, Short Stories, and Prompts
The Cursed Doll (#13dayshalloweenflash) by letmeeewrite
The Cursed Doll (#13dayshalloweenf...by letmeeewrite
#13dayshalloweenflash Here is my 13 words spooky story for #13dayshalloweenflash Contest by @rosaimee. Check it out if you have guts to read and dare to look at that pic...
Spine Tinglers by krazydiamond
Spine Tinglersby Kristin Jacques
A collection of spooky shorts, horror stories, and flash fiction.
Tales of Monsters and Angels by LeighWStuart
Tales of Monsters and Angelsby Leigh W. Stuart
A collection of tales featuring monsters and angels, though not all appear as they truly are. Includes the story Strawberry Pickers ... There were monsters in cages on...
#13DaysHalloweenFlash(October 2015) by JohnAAJoseph
#13DaysHalloweenFlash(October 2015)by JohnAAJoseph
#13DaysHalloweenFlash(October 2015) Elizabeth Comisky invite for a 13-word flash story. Also, posted in Science Fiction Competitions - Challenge 24 - Weird Science (Octo...
Tagged: Some Wattpad Challenges. by crescendo_s
Tagged: Some Wattpad Challenges.by Shelz
In this book I'll complete some Wattpad challenges in which I'm tagged by my friends starting from 20 things about me. Go take a look guys. And don't worry... I 'll tag...
Big Book of Little Stories by ellarose12
Big Book of Little Storiesby Jenni.
This is a collection of some of my short stories, most of which have been made for competitions, and some others which I did just for fun. I hope you enjoy them :)
Another Door Opens by Red_Harvey
Another Door Opensby Red Harvey
Short SF stories from far flung places in the universe: "Another Door Opens" A young girl tries to skip school, but inadvertently steps into an interdimensiona...
Smoking Chimney by 1137xyz
Smoking Chimneyby Hafsa
Smoking Chimney will comprise of short stories some fiction and some non-fiction. Credit for the beautiful cover @aneclarice.
Halloween Tales by Megabucks
Halloween Talesby Megabucks
A super duper short Halloween story written for the #13dayshalloweenflash challenge created by @rosaimee