OBJ Fantasies by officiallynique
OBJ Fantasiesby 👑B.M.P💋
Short Stories/Imagines dedicated to the New York Giants Star Wide Receiver , Odell Cornelious Beckham Jr. © 2016 All Rights Reserved
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PARALYZED  by xostargirlxo
I'm lost and it kills me inside [THIRTEEN REASONS WHY] - slight au ➣ Social Media Fic {Montgomery Dela Cruz x Estelle Atkins} {Jeff Atkins x Monet Glo} {Zach Dempsey...
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Lucky 13 by LxT4ever
Lucky 13by Leah
Lily Faulkner grew up with the tales her father told her of 'them'. Her dad kept her safely hidden from 'them' but what happens when Lily herself become a potential thre...
  • blood
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Stay Stay Stay: Taylor Swift Adoption. by Junoitz
Stay Stay Stay: Taylor Swift Adopt...by LWYMMD
Its late Friday night after a long day in the studio. Will Taylor's decision to walk home change her life forever? Or will it send her further into her sadness... Adopti...
  • tayloralisonswift
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  • spanking
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Jinx- Suicide Squad by laurlove13
Jinx- Suicide Squadby laurlove13
-Flashback- Let me tell you about myself a bit my name is Lucy ace Lovett, I don't know my real name as I am an orphan all I know about my parents is that my mum couldn'...
  • willsmith
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Lies by tiggy_07
Liesby Piggy_222
A novel based on a true life event, written out of pure depression. Another meaningless stupid love story, basically over the same guy I write about in all of my retarde...
  • life
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Drarry- Blonďákův osud by harrypotterstorky
Drarry- Blonďákův osudby harrypotterstorky
Když se mladý Harry prochází hradem, na(ne)štěstí potká člověka, kterému by se za normálních okolností vyhýbal obloukem...Když se ale potkají, něco se změní. Příběh je p...
  • zmijozel
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13 and Pregnant by jediplatypi
13 and Pregnantby jediplatypi
When a 13 year old girl becomes pregnant her life is turned upside down
  • fiction
  • pregnant
  • 13andpregnant
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DENMARK IS BEST COUNTRY! The book by bakumark
DENMARK IS BEST COUNTRY! The bookby Yes I'm Danish
My book, about my life
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  • hetalia
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Teen Dad Stories: Bijan by teenmom2
Teen Dad Stories: Bijanby Loverwriter
Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't been posting in a while, I've been very busy. This story is based off of kids at my school, but they were never pregnant or parents. This...
  • teen
  • middle
  • teendad
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One Night and Two Heir by jubeeey
One Night and Two Heirby jubeeey
Phoebe was a shy virgin when she and the handsome stranger shared a night of passion. Weeks later Phoebe finds herself pregnant and decides keep and raise the baby alone...
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  • twins
  • xia
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Tiểu phẩm 13 chòm sao: "Đời.." by 4C_Dalena027_TLL
Tiểu phẩm 13 chòm sao: "Đời.."by Na
Truyện: Tiểu phẩm 13 chòm sao: "Đời" Tác giả: Dalena Số chương: không giới hạn Tiến trình: không Lịch ra chap: ngẫu hứng Thể loại: hài hước, đời thường, tình c...
  • são
  • chòm
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JACOB SARTORiUS ~ SMUT by ziamilylarry
i call him daddy.
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Lemew by lmalin27
Lemewby lmalin27
Lemew fanfiction
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Un Romance Inesperado // Garrett Hedlund  by BeluSancho675
Un Romance Inesperado // Garrett H...by Beli
La historia de amor de Bell y Garrett Hedlund... Muchas locuras y muchas aventura
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Rants & Experiences of the teenage life by Pugtato-ruler
Rants & Experiences of the teenage...by Pugs
This is the book made by a lonely teenage girl who has nothing better to do. Bluntness, cruel humor, sarcasm, and allot of nagging is to be expected. I wish you luck br...
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The Truth by Iam_objxiii
The Truthby Odell Beckham Jr
✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔ #13
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