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Dancing on Strings by RenaFreefall
Dancing on Stringsby Rena Freefall
"A Princess to your kingdom before A Principal to your stage." Mai, Princess Royal and first of twelve daughters has only two priorities. Her family and her d...
I watched, rated, and reviewed all the Barbie films so you don't have to by LamsLife17
I watched, rated, and reviewed all...by 🥀📙✌️🍃🌌💜
I watched rated and reviewed all the Barbie films so you know which ones you have to watch, and which ones you can probably skip. This is very important information tha...
Merlin Fairytale Series by PrincessAvatarRose
Merlin Fairytale Seriesby PrincessAvatarRose
Hello, lovelies. I've returned with another story. This one is based off of various fairytales: A story of a princess trying to find her family. A story of a true love t...
Diamond Hearts: A Diamond Castle Fanfiction by samiam_art
Diamond Hearts: A Diamond Castle F...by Sam I Am
yee i rewrote barbie and the diamond castle since not enough people post about it here lol In a far-away land of magic and dragons, two "friends" dwelled in a...
The Wanderer- OUAT by bethany_2009
The Wanderer- OUATby Bethany
Once Upon A a Time story (Not really good with descriptions) Ashlyn is one of the infamous 12 Dancing Princesses who makes a deal with the Dark One. Of course she doesn'...
The Princess Luciana Theory- Barbie Theory by Barbie-Theories
The Princess Luciana Theory- Barbi...by Barbie Theories
Have you ever noticed that Princess Luciana from Barbie as the Island Princess and Queen Isabella from the 12 Dancing Princesses look remarkably similar? Here's a deep d...
Barbie Character Oneshots (Requests Open!) by cloudy_galaxies
Barbie Character Oneshots (Request...by cloudy_galaxies
I'm sure everyone reading this grew up loving Barbie and her movies. Have you been looking for a way to see those magical stories continue? Well then, you're in the righ...
😈Demonic Dance👞 by brina968
😈Demonic Dance👞by Rune Williamson
In the kingdom of Flores, the king banned any activities outside of working. However, he found out that his sons have been sneaking out at night to go dancing. He plans...
The 12 Loud Princesses by CarlyAhrens
The 12 Loud Princessesby Carly Ahrens
It's the 12 Dancing Princesses using Loud House characters.
Cursed To Dance by klfelt
Cursed To Danceby KitKat
A 12 Dancing Princesses retelling, partially inspired by Jessica Day George's Princess Of The Midnight Ball series. None of her characters were used, but some ideas are...
The Cursed Dance by 123982wpsstudentus
The Cursed Danceby Jayalover
When the 12 daughters of queen celestia turn 16, they are forced due dance all night due to a mysterious curse. It is all up to the 15 year old youngest sister, and a fr...
various 12DP AUs by spindeln
various 12DP AUsby cae(dmon)
i just finished the shades of magic trilogy, and i'm obsessed (lol i'm obsessed with so many things) so i thought, why not throw the depression squad into these worlds? ...
Cloaks and Daggers by the_virdibirdie
Cloaks and Daggersby Lena
Luisa Hohenzollern, Crown Princess of Westphalis, a lover of dance, is in a bit of a pickle. (Not an actual pickle, but she wishes.) The war is over, the enemy is comin...
The Midnight Ball by bcrystalclear
The Midnight Ballby bcrystalclear
Every century there would be an event for the royal kingdoms The event involves a princess from each house, but no one would know what it entails, and when each event...
Fairy Tales by radiantreading
Fairy Talesby radiantreading
High School is crazy, and even though people say there are no such things as fairy tales. Shorts of fairy tales set in high school
Holly and the 13 dancing princesses by Sephie_Frost
Holly and the 13 dancing princessesby Sephie Frost
Holly (fenharry) is Janessa, Kathleen, and Lacey's sister who is the same age as them but she's closer to Lacy.
Mother's Pavilion by Galaxy_Warp
Mother's Pavilionby Galaxy_Warp
This story is a spin-off of the classic tale; The Twelve Dancing Princesses. The story is told through the eyes of 18-year-old Grace, The fifth eldest out of her twe...