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Dead Girls Tell No Tales by kaloned
Dead Girls Tell No Talesby asha
[ WATTYS '18 LONG-LISTED ] ❝ I have slit throats far more beautiful than yours.❞ In which a thousand brides have fallen, and she is the last, so she spins a tale as old...
The Storyteller and the King: A Thousand and One Nights Tale ✓ by persephone7913
The Storyteller and the King: A Th...by persephone7913
Every night the king takes a new bride, and every morning she dies. One girl sacrifices herself for the chance to end the slaughter, weaving stories to intrigue the king...
ARABIAN NIGHTS | 2021 by midastouch-
❝they defied the stars.❞ • • • Vereena never believed in her Grandfather's tales. Magi and Djinnies. Kings and Queens. A cursed desert's sun-kissed land that ha...
The Reign Series: Desert Reigns by saharastardust
The Reign Series: Desert Reignsby saharastardust
Liyah's breath hitched in her throat. The sandy desert stretched for miles and miles, without end. She looked at the two in front of her with an exasperated expression e...
Scheherazade by thelittlegirldream
Scheherazadeby Clarissa Velicia
Scheherazade is a Persian girl who travelled the world. Her dream is to read all the book in the world. But on her fifth years of travelling, she heard rumours of a crue...
One Thousand And One Nights "Alf laila wa laila " by jarkajrk
One Thousand And One Nights "Alf l...by jarka
A collection of ancient Arab stories that combine religion, imagination and dream, take us to a world where nights are magical . "traduction by Jarka "
Back to the Arabian Nights by itspeafowlyoufool
Back to the Arabian Nightsby itspeafowlyoufool
"You're going back now. Back to the place" She goes to a realm she had only heard in stories; a realm that entices her to stay with the comforts of fortunes an...
The Storyteller (tales from the Arabian Nights)  by ShivangiSircar
The Storyteller (tales from the Ar...by Shivangi Sircar
WHAT IF YOUR LIFE DEPENDED ON BEING ABLE TO TELL A GOOD STORY? Schariar, King of Persia, would marry a woman every night only to chop off her head every morning. He had...
adventure ( a magi fan fiction) by Rinrinsworld
adventure ( a magi fan fiction)by Rinrin's world
A magnificent way to start a new begining. Time and space, the universe can shift its shape creating a distortion through universes. Not everyone gets to expirience thi...
El final by AzCevfan
El finalby AzCevfan
Así continuó la historia de Onur y Sehrazat luego del final. Simplemente quise darle un final un poco más íntimo y un cierre definitivo. Espero que les guste!
Bienvenido by AzCevfan
Bienvenidoby AzCevfan
Esto es lo que tendría que haber ocurrido cuando Onur volvió sano y salvo del accidente del avión. Espero que les guste! Mi versión es libre.
A plea in the dark(1001 nights) by prettylittlebrunete
A plea in the dark(1001 nights)by prettylittlebrunete
Can creia out dance death? Especially hers? Damari deon is a cruel and spiteful prince who murders the girls sent to him for fun. Creia is the 1001 girl to be sent to hi...
The Thief of Baghdad  by abhiprak23
The Thief of Baghdad by abhiprak23
Plot for a film based on the original Aladdin story.
Kingdom From Ashes (Kingdom Saga #1) by MeganLinski
Kingdom From Ashes (Kingdom Saga #...by Megan Linski
Princess Bennua is to be married. The daughter of a sultan, her duty is to marry a powerful yet cruel warlord to be her husband, sealing an alliance that will scare the...
The Ephemeral Ones | ONC 2021 by Lujayna
The Ephemeral Ones | ONC 2021by Lujayna
Haunted by the mistakes of her past, Sahar vows to fulfil the wishes of her beloved friends. With the help of a ghost warrior and a sly merchant with secrets of his own...
Where Sand Lies | slowly updating  by monxeza
Where Sand Lies | slowly updating by moneeza
"Because, your highness, where sand lies, oceans are always close, and that girl... that girl, she-" "I know." The king cut his advisor off. "Th...
Book of a 1000 Days by CeleanaSaradothian
Book of a 1000 Daysby levana
❝How can I save you if I can't save myself❞ In which, a maid is trapped in a tower and seeks her freedom among the stars [3.2.17] all rights reserved ©2017