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Is this love?[Scp-049xDr.Bright] by MotheFali
Is this love?[Scp-049xDr.Bright]by MotheFali
Warning: Gay story, smut ... don't like, don't read ... btw it's my first story and I'm not good at English so be ready for cringe ;) Pls don't hate ...
SCP-049 x Reader - Untouchable by Afflicted-Alibis
SCP-049 x Reader - Untouchableby ✕ 𝕁𝕒𝕪 ✕
Recently turned D-Class, you were a researcher who terrified your colleagues and had committed a terrible crime that your past self claimed was for the greater good. Tur...
~Protection~ [SCP-049 x Male!Guard!Reader x SCP-035] by Bluemoon367
~Protection~ [SCP-049 x Male!Guard...by ~Obsession~
You are one of the strongest guards in your facility, so you get charged with keeping watch of the more 'dangerous' SCPs. One day, when there was a breach, you decided...
The Cure To A Broken Heart by Memovie360
The Cure To A Broken Heartby Memovie360
"The Cure To A Broken Heart" is an SCP-049 X Reader, and I'm pleased to have you here to read it. After a containment breach at the SCP fou...
SCP Headcanons by Mewfly
SCP Headcanonsby Mick
As the title states, this is a bunch of headcanons and personal interpretations I have on the SCPs shown on here. None of the SCPs are mine and neither is any of the art...
Seeing You // SCP-1471 x M!Reader by Rakuwoo
Seeing You // SCP-1471 x M!Readerby raku.
[ONGOING] SCP Foundation Site #21, has been breached. Missing: 049, 096, 173, 1471 (Y/N), a college student. He always had normal everyday life. Until of course... someo...
SCP-049 x SCP!Reader by _CosmicBlizzard_
SCP-049 x SCP!Readerby Xx¢σѕмι¢вℓιzzαя∂xX
Normally his touch hurts others, but why does his end up doing the opposite and heal you? Why do you keep having horrible episodes of migraines that may drive you insane...
The Pestilence [An SCP-049 x Reader.] by sheriberry23
The Pestilence [An SCP-049 x Reade...by [REDACTED]
It was wrong - caring for a SCP the way you, at the moment, did, it's killed god knows how many people. A number you can't seem to even estimate once you compare it to h...
Allow me~ Scp-035 x reader by Satanscaprisun
Allow me~ Scp-035 x readerby ⛓ 丂 卂 Ҝ ㄩ ⛓
The scp-foundation decided to test a psychopath with a scp. This scp was Scp-035. He was highly sadistic. Soon you (the reader) began to show symptoms that were unusual...
A life story "049 X Reader" by Plagued_Noodle
A life story "049 X Reader"by SCP noodle
This story is of a girl who was born in the facility but then soon abandoned by her parents and soon taken in under his care. This may contain violence and strong langua...
Secure, Foundationally Protected Love(Slow Updates) by PlagueBirb
Secure, Foundationally Protected L...by Redacted_Abnormality
This is a book of Various SCP's x Reader shorts. The only SCP I will not do a lemon of, is SCP-999. Only fluff for that innocent orange peanut butter boi. This will main...
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Some Random X Readers And Lemons  by dreamingfoxy
Some Random X Readers And Lemons by dreamingfoxy
*NOT TAKING REQUESTS* Some random x reader fanfictions I've created. There are many different characters x reader fanfictions in this book, you may suggest some x reader...
The plague in Remnant (Male Reader X Rwby) Fin by Devilswing123
The plague in Remnant (Male Reader...by Devilswing123
you are a plague doctor. All art belongs to darkest dungeon,rwby,and there rightfully owners. May or may not see plague ink stuff Ps: cringy stuff can be found
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(SCP Fan Story) Child Of Creation by Hailshadethewriter
(SCP Fan Story) Child Of Creationby Drifting_Feather
You have the power of creation. You want to be freed. You want revenge Ever since you were three, you were able to create things. Not with clay or paper- but from t...
The Cure To A Broken Mind by Memovie360
The Cure To A Broken Mindby Memovie360
(This story is a sequel! Check my page for 'A Cure To A Broken Heart' if you're yet to read it!) 'The Cure To A Broken Mind' is an 049 x reader and I'm pleased to have y...
Why Be Cured? (Scp 049 x Child! Scp! Reader) by NuxeryDraws
Why Be Cured? (Scp 049 x Child! Sc...by Nuxery Ever Draws ( lol aint...
You are 049's biological child. How he had a child, I have no idea, but here you are. What happens when you meet the other Scps? Please enjoy!
My Nightmare (SCP-049 x Reader) by Vox_TVDemon_101
My Nightmare (SCP-049 x Reader)by Vox
You woke up in a room and wondered what had happened. Afterwards there was a containment breach and you decided to stay where you were until the guards leave to help sec...
Just a Normal D-Class by Hailshadethewriter
Just a Normal D-Classby Drifting_Feather
'Normal' was never really a word used to describe D. Weather she was in public or at home, she was always doing something a bit- iffy. When her school caught on fire, sh...
The Change - SCP x Reader by Alistartdraws
The Change - SCP x Readerby Al, head of Zardy dilf agenda
I really don't know where this is going, or how it's going to end, But hey. Why not? You were a giant fan of SCP Containment Breach, and had invested many hours into the...
How We Met - SCP-049 x Reader by 0InternalScreaming0
How We Met - SCP-049 x Readerby Internal Screaming
You're a Class-D currently in for testing with SCP-049, things get out of hand which leads to multiple SCP's escaping. You and 049 head on to see more of the foundation...
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