The Empress [Prince of Tennis + Kuroko No Basket Crossover] by Xx-Yuki-xX
The Empress [Prince of Tennis + Ku...by Depends.
The door busted open as she stepped in with her heels clicking against the marble floor, immediately stopping all the chattering by grabbing every players' attention. Ho...
  • training
  • yuki
  • u-17
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Echizen Rika: The Next Challenge by sasaki_Senna
Echizen Rika: The Next Challengeby Sasaki Senna
After finally reaching the top, Winning the National Tournament, Seigaku is then invited to the prestigeous U-17 camp!!! Since Rika is also invited, There's definitely a...
  • racket
  • tezuka
  • tennis
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WBC x RBC [Libro 1]  by MissZaiko
WBC x RBC [Libro 1] by Zaiko
imágenes de nuestro ship favorito.
  • globulorojo
  • hatarakusaibou
  • globulo
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Black Blood Cell [Leukemia] | Cells At Work by XUScarlet14
Black Blood Cell [Leukemia] | Cell...by ♪X.U♪ (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
It was another day inside the human body. No germs were sighted or any pathogens troubling the city. The cells were in a peaceful situation however Helper T Cell spotted...
  • helpertcell
  • hatarakusaibou
  • lewd
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Twincesses of Tennis - Prince of Tennis fanfic by Hoshi_no_Shoujo
Twincesses of Tennis - Prince of T...by Secchan
The boys tennis club of Seigaku of got a pair of new freshmen as new members. Only, they're not a pair of normal members. They're actually...?! Eventual romance. Between...
  • shitenhouji
  • u-17
  • tokugawa
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Prince Of Tennis (Various x OC): Smile by Mocacrepe21
Prince Of Tennis (Various x OC): S...by Mocacrepe21
Hello readers!! This is my first story that I'm making. Just to let you guys know I REALLY SUCK AT WRITING STORIES and ENGLISH ISN'T MY FIRST LANGUAGE so there will be...
  • rikkaidai
  • fanfiction
  • reverseharem
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Ryoma's Twin brother and childhood friend!(Prince Of Tennis) by animefriendly
Ryoma's Twin brother and childhood...by Animefriendly
Ryoma has a twin brother what if he come s with someone Ryoma knows.
  • u-18
  • tennis
  • friends
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Cells at work one-shots by hayleybrauer01
Cells at work one-shotsby Zane~chan weeb
one-shots of cells at work both fluff and lemon
  • ae3803
  • tragedy
  • love
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¿Peculiar Amistad? by Natural_KilleR_HS
¿Peculiar Amistad?by Natural KilleR
Sabía que no era normal, no estaba seguro si era correcto, podía culpar a su edad pero concluyó que ese sentimiento había culminado en algo que luchó por negarse a sí mi...
  • anime
  • u-1146
  • cellsatwork
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✌❤✨Hataraku Saibou Oneshots✨❤✌ by Nintendonerdie21
✌❤✨Hataraku Saibou Oneshots✨❤✌by *insert Nickname*
[REQUESTS ARE OPEN] Oneshots with our Cells :D okthatwashorrible- aNYWAYS- The oneshots could be X readers or ships from the show. ANY PICS USED IN THE STORY IS NOT MINE...
  • u-1146
  • blood
  • cells
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All Because Of You by An-Jam-Lyn
All Because Of Youby An-Jam-Lyn
They started dating on their last day of being freshmen and stopped on their final day in sophomore year. Some people thought it was impossible for them to be together i...
  • rikkaidai
  • u-17
  • echizenryoma
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Y la historia vuelve a empezar by JohnRBranwen
Y la historia vuelve a empezarby John R. Branwen
AU. Era casi exactamente como verse en el espejo hace unos años, como fue que se conocieron, crecieron y su relacion se fue estrechando hasta que finalmente estan juntos...
  • u-1146
  • backwardscap-kun
  • au
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Anime that you should watch by inmortalinstruments
Anime that you should watchby inmortalinstruments
Running out of ideas on what anime you should watch, than click here to find out more.................... I sound like those commercials on TV 😅
  • magic
  • anime
  • action
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Prince of Tennis!(childhood fanfic) by animefriendly
Prince of Tennis!(childhood fanfic)by Animefriendly
This story is about Ryoma's childhood friend Misaki (first name)Suzuki(last name) where she was a famous tennis player and a model too! She came back from Australia 🇦🇺...
  • idol
  • sports
  • atobe
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