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Radical by Mysticat
Radicalby Mysticat
  • ryanevans
  • chaddanforth
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Kayla's Big Book Of Oneshots by -Sad_Sponge
Kayla's Big Book Of Oneshotsby Spongebob
(Requests are closed at the moment cause I got a heccing lot) I ONLY DO X READERS!! The Umbrella Academy x Reader Crush x Reader Steven Universe x Reader Ok K.O.! Let's...
  • lapis
  • peridot
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Ok ko: Snowed In by Rabbitsinwonderland
Ok ko: Snowed Inby Alexa
Enid, Rad and KO are trapped inside the bodega when the snow piles up, how will this end out? Sequel to this is now out and so are one shots!
  • řád
  • fanfiction
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Ok K.O.: Very Depressed by AnaCarolina722134
Ok K.O.: Very Depressedby I love my ships
In an alternate reality, Dendy is a girl whose shyness only makes her only company at school was her best friend K.O., but his twin brother T.K.O. came into her life lik...
  • řád
  • okkoalternative
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Sparkle (KO x Reader x Tko) by -Sad_Sponge
Sparkle (KO x Reader x Tko)by Spongebob
Normal au unlike my other books. Still female pronouns though. Everyone knew Y/n. She was the darling of Lakewood Plaza. But KO knew her the most. They had been friends...
  • okko
  • okkoletsbeheroes
  • plaza
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Ok K.O oneshots by hellomyname98
Ok K.O oneshotsby :l
Lemons and fluff allowed I do Character x reader Character x character Request I DON'T do Venomous x Boxman K.o x dendy lemon or angst Boxmore robots x each other e...
  • lemon
  • lordboxman
  • professorvenomous
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The Quartz In Lakewood by EndieStories
The Quartz In Lakewoodby Endie
(Thanks to the amazing MadameOfFanFiction for making this cover!) When Steven Universe has had enough of the lies and ugly truths he has found out that the Crystal Gems...
  • steven
  • crossover
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( TKO X Reader ).  by Tko207
( TKO X Reader ). by Tko207
  • tko
  • okko
  • dandy
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The RAD Girls by Metallica121
The RAD Girlsby Metallica121
Rachel, Arya and Diya have more in common than just a nail colour or TV show. Whether it's high school, heaven or hell, they deal with their shit in a totally RAD way. T...
  • teens
  • indianhighschool
  • india
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Me and my random adventures by AlphaPandora
Me and my random adventuresby Alpha Pandora
Come on you can join along my friends and family
  • adventures
  • random
  • řád
Ok Ko lets be heros × reader one shots by commentsby_Skids
Ok Ko lets be heros × reader one s...by Skids
this is a book of one shots ok ko lets be heros charecters x reader i don't write smut or lemons wait aren't they the same?.... hope ya'll enjoy but there may be some s...
  • fink
  • shadowyfigure
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Bestfriend Quotes . by meowmeowkayla
Bestfriend Quotes .by // Kaylaa //
Basically Just Quotes Bout Bestfriends & Friends & The Ones You Love . You Should Read Some . INSPIRATIONAL
  • family
  • love
  • forever
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Red-Raven Beauty by Akatsukis_Alice
Red-Raven Beautyby Abbey
Sasuke thought he could live his life and become better than his brother, Itachi. That was until he meet Her. Raven was a girl that no one noticed but when people saw he...
  • naruto
  • haku
  • exams
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Ok KO x Reader (Reader Insert) by tourmaline_fanfic
Ok KO x Reader (Reader Insert)by tourmaline_fanfic
Your a hero working at Gar's Bodega. WHAT WILL HAPPEN? WHO KNOOOOWS! (well, i do...sometimes) In the show they say KO is "6-11 years old" but for the sake of t...
  • cartoonnetwork
  • řád
  • enid
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OK KO Theories and Other Stuff by BChowdog
OK KO Theories and Other Stuffby BChowdog
Theories and other ideas about the show as the series goes on.
  • radicles
  • professorvenomous
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That's My Girl (Rednid) by GayForDianaCavendish
That's My Girl (Rednid)by NicoMaki Stan
(Human AU) Takes place in the episode 'Back in Red Action' but in another universe ("OK, K.O.! LET'S BE HEROES!") (Enid is mah bae and Red is just sooo hooot...
  • human
  • okko
  • cartoonnetwork
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Rad X Enid: Feelings by fanfiction___love
Rad X Enid: Feelingsby fanfiction___love
Enid is just working another day at the Bodega, enjoying the company of her fellow co-workers. But Rad and K.O invite her to the Arcade, and that's when K.O makes their...
  • enicles
  • radxenid
  • okko
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5SOS & 1D Horoscopes by lukesrealmom
5SOS & 1D Horoscopesby cal(cium)
5 Seconds of Summer and One Direction horoscopes.
  • řád
  • horoscopes
  • 5sos
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ok ko one shots (comic edition) by Ko_de_PuP
ok ko one shots (comic edition)by *Galaxy Cat*
you can request some if you'd like to. It can be any type IDC (but no NSFW please), it can be a ship to 0//w\\0 and maybe some fluff or kink :P it dose not have to be i...
  • boxmore
  • okko
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T.K.O's redemption(completed) by XxXDamNaT10NxXx
T.K.O's redemption(completed)by XxXDamNaT10NxXx
#Wattyawards2018 After ko defeats tko, Tko starts feeling regret and try's to make up for it. Will tko gain ko's trust and forgiveness or will he be forever trapped in h...
  • okko
  • tko
  • carol
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