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Love Live Memes And Facts by MarKus901
Love Live Memes And Factsby Turtle
So the cast are always : Honoka, Umi, Kotori, Rin, Maki, Hanayo, Eli, Nozomi, and Nico. So guys this is not a story but a facts and etc. Please reminder dont insult any...
【Awake】// Love Live x Reader oneshots by yokazex
【Awake】// Love Live x Reader onesh...by I put the d in die
"it felt like a dream" "but i was awake" A book in which a poor trash can shall do her very best to bring ya'll some Yuri oneshots. Requests are OPE...
The Vampire And The Human Idols by innocentpenguincub
The Vampire And The Human Idolsby PenguinCub💕
Maki Nishikino is a beautiful and a good singer. She excel in her studies and playing piano. But she is not an ordinary girl. But she is a vampire. She is a vampire that...
Where My Love Goes [Love Live x Reader Oneshots] [Requests Open] by urbestbroski
Where My Love Goes [Love Live x Re...by Oof
"My love goes out of my heart and into the wind Out my guitar and under your skin Into your house and out of your headphones My love goes out of your door and into...
Children of The Sea ║ Amulet of Stars by rayarain11
Children of The Sea ║ Amulet of St...by みかん║ Clementine
[ Children of The Sea x Fem! Oc ] ― █▓▒░ ░▒▓█ █▓▒░ ░▒▓█ ― ❝From the star, to the stars, the sea is the mother.❞ - Yuki ― Umi, Sora, Yuki, The children that were r...
Love Start! Love live! Oneshots by xTheRandomWriterx
Love Start! Love live! Oneshotsby xTheRandomWriterx
I had started writing this story on fanfiction.net and decided to move it over here. Enjoy!
Love Live! x Reader ONE SHOTS! *REQUESTS OPEN!* by SecondRound
Love Live! x Reader ONE SHOTS! *RE...by SECOND ROUND
This is a book of Love Live! characters x reader one shots! Feel free to make requests in the comments. :)
The Cards Never Lie - Male! Idol! Reader x Nozomi Tojo (Love! Live) by VulpixCatcher
The Cards Never Lie - Male! Idol...by WolfyStories
You're Y/N L/N. You were a school kid like all the other normal teens. But one thing about you and your friends is that you were school idols. One day, a school incident...
U's and Aqours X Reader by kanamaris
U's and Aqours X Readerby YEET
hello everyone! i'll accept requests of any sort for this work! just check the first page!!^^
Love Live Apocalypse  by solidyoshiko
Love Live Apocalypse by kookie
Just who is responsible of this barrier?
With You (Love Live! Fan Fic) Book 3 {Broken Inside Sequel}   by JenikaArciaga9
With You (Love Live! Fan Fic) Book...by Buddy ❤️
Continuing on Serina and the other girls' daily life, they start to experience new things they've never did before in the younger days. As the story goes on, unknown peo...
Wild West Edo Japan (LOVE LIVE AU FANFIC)  by TrapsAreOkay
Wild West Edo Japan (LOVE LIVE AU...by ByeBye2065
Tbh I still don't know what an AU means but I guess it brings in them views💯💯 Edo Japan didn't see much, but change. For three centuries samurais kinda lose their plac...
μ's Have Twins!?  by Samidskiee
μ's Have Twins!? by Samidskiee
You read it! Since Principal Minami didn't like the education on her daughter's twin she decided to change all girl's school to Coed school. Kotori told everyone about t...
[SEQUAL] taehyung is now doing well, and is now facing the tasks of fully remembering everything and everyone. and also remembering why he has loved jeongguk. and the...
The Girl Who Sails the Seven Seas by MyCrtr
The Girl Who Sails the Seven Seasby MyCrtr
This is a story written and based on Love Live! School Idol Project, a continuation to the story A Matter of Family. The main protagonists in this story are Umi Sonoda a...
Love Live!School Idol Project RANDOMNESS!!!! by Hisui_Naomi
Love Live!School Idol Project RAND...by LS&Onee-CHAN
I,Naomi will be making a random story orrrrrrrrrrrr book about Love Live. It may be Love Live!Sunshine and Love Live!(The First Generation). I just noticed that I was ma...
True Self (Slow updates) by MTgirlgamer345
True Self (Slow updates)by MTgirlgamer345
Honoka is the leader of muse and always enlighten people's lives.But....when an announcement were to make, her biggest secret leaks out! Only her family know's what it i...
Kamen Rider Den-O x Love Live! School Idol Project! An Idols Time by datguyjax
Kamen Rider Den-O x Love Live! Sch...by datguyjax
Ore Sanjou! After Ryotaro final battle, he gave up his Den-O belt and gave it back to the Owner, in a another time in the future, the Imagin problem rises again. Y/N L/N...
My Desires by TrapsAreOkay
My Desiresby ByeBye2065
The complete story for our bread loving idol and part Russian harasho idol. This will be somewhat different than the original My Desires fanfic, but this one will be a...