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Changing | SM by mendes_stories01
Changing | SMby tiana.cl
"Don't make it hard for me, when it's easy for you." - Adriana Kendrick, the top student, gets asked to teach the new student. But extra math classes took a wi...
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Elizabeth Gallagher - Shameless US by Alliepascoe
Elizabeth Gallagher - Shameless USby Allie Pascoe
Elizabeth Gallagher is a 10 year old girl living on the south side of Chicago. Her parents are Frank and Monica Gallagher. Yes, that's right, another Gallagher. How will...
  • mickymilkovich
  • ús
  • sister
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Fifth Emperor (A One Piece Fanfic) by RapunzeIl
Fifth Emperor (A One Piece Fanfic)by Rapunzell
There once was a rumour about the terrifying 'Fifth Emperor'. They say he is so strong he can destroy an island in a blink of an eye. They say if you are bad he will des...
  • snails
  • pirate
  • mystery
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Undertale x Reader Oneshots by emotionally_distant
Undertale x Reader Oneshotsby emotionally_distant
  • story
  • sans
  • papyrus
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Remember me when I'm lost  by JoshOviedo9
Remember me when I'm lost by Joshua
To the girl I left I wrote it to her so she knows I still love her forever and always.
  • love
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Undercover | Jenzie by jimmyjvo
Undercover | Jenzieby jimmyjvo
What happens when two people who hate each are forced to fight together. Will they ruin the mission? Or Will they learn to love each other? Read 'undercover' to find o...
  • boy
  • jenziefanfic
  • laurenorlando
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Forbidden Fantasy by Drarry_X_Snarry
Forbidden Fantasyby 1-800-YEET-THE-TEA
Snarry Veela inheritance. Highest Ranking: #4 out of us:/ 08/06/19
  • suicidal
  • helpless
  • harry
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Us | SunRic ✅ by Driwed
Us | SunRic ✅by Driwed
Sunwoo and Eric are both troublemakers in school and find themselves slowly growing closer each time they meet in detention, but a sudden disappearance causes one to wor...
  • wattys2019
  • sunric
  • theboyzfanfic
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Shameless Preferences by One_Tired_Writer
Shameless Preferencesby TiredWriter
Includes Ian, Mickey, Lip and Carl. Message me for requests.
  • imagines
  • shameless
  • series
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The story of Tay & Adriana .. ⚡️✨ by Chrisssssy002
The story of Tay & Adriana .. ⚡️✨by C.Dollasss !
You met a cute guy at a party. He's irritating, but he's cute , and you guys had a real connection, but there's so many ups and downs in y'alls "relationship"...
  • mybaby
  • babygirl
  • funny
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[Shortfic] Fictional Girl - Jeon Jung Kook - Nothing Like Us by cuuhappiness
[Shortfic] Fictional Girl - Jeon J...by cuuhappiness
" Những ngày này anh luôn nghĩ, nghĩ về cuộc tình đôi ta Anh biết nó thật khó, và chúng ta đều biết điều đó Em có chìm trong men say, để buồn thương tan biế...
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Cressie and Jack by Rory13
Cressie and Jackby Rory G
An affair that lasted three years. Sudden Death and a love that lasted a life time This is the story of Cressie and Jack
  • bobby
  • usa
  • biography
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Undertale One-shots by Sabinarius
Undertale One-shotsby Sabinarius
Undertale one-shots, imagines and scenarios reader x various Requests open! I have a habit of slipping into Fem reader, but i'm happy to make a gender neutral or male re...
  • bittybones
  • headcanons
  • sf
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#Change My Mind by Pranen
#Change My Mindby --
We will have guests from Wattpad debate me on any kind of topic
  • america
  • ús
  • abortion
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Lifesaver (Aya Nakamura x Lesbian Reader) [FRENCHLISH] [15+] by brazilianbae
Lifesaver (Aya Nakamura x Lesbian...by Candy Zanccazucci
"You was sitting in a bench outside when you saw someone that you seen before. You see a black girl jogging in her loose shirt and tight leggings. Her boobs were ju...
  • paris
  • frenchlish
  • wattpadromance
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Post-Moe's Boredom  by Post-Moe
Post-Moe's Boredom by Post - MoFo
Hey. Come on in. We don't judge here, unless you're a skunk. I'm sorry but there might be some slurs if you're a skunk.
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The broken- Spicyhoney (Underfell Papyrus x Underswap Papyrus) by Reed900Bitch
The broken- Spicyhoney (Underfell...by Reed900 Bitch
Would you ever think... And Edgy Skeleton, with an intent to kill, love anyone? Would you ever think... That a lazy Skeleton... With depression, would ever care to have...
  • pap
  • underfellpapyrusxunderswappapyrus
  • thebroken
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How Did I End Up With You? •Human HoneyMustard• by xxmutt-milkshakexx
How Did I End Up With You? •Human...by 🦆Duck🦆
This is a honeymustard story, well human version. Red along with every other human version au live together in a universe Ink had made. Red comes across a tall orange c...
  • blue
  • underswap
  • human
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Dustberry by BlueberryBear10
Dustberryby Dead inside
Murder!sans was hated by everyone, all AUs, everyone in his own AU. But what happens when he meets a cute, forgiving skeleton, who will risk his life to make him smile a...
  • ink
  • dustberry
  • ús
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US Papyrus X UF Papyrus by LinaTheWriter
US Papyrus X UF Papyrusby drawings n shit
Underswap Papyrus and Underfell Papyrus have shared a house in Underswap for two years now. The couple of five years are living fine and life is going good. When the cou...
  • undertale
  • spicyhoney
  • papcest
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