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klance truth or dare by Grako_straklin
klance truth or dareby Grako_straklin
truth or dare in witch they KISSSSSSSS Lol are you proud of me now mom
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Zodiac truth or dare by -_libraaa_-
Zodiac truth or dareby Grace
Leave truths and dares Check out my other books as well ✨
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¥•Dïffêréñt Frøm Thē Ręšt•¥ by Monthlybabes
¥•Dïffêréñt Frøm Thē Ręšt•¥by My Precious Beans
Annie is a tomboy sometimes and sometimes she's girly girl she meets this boy named Carson and stuff goes down •SPOILER• •In Annie's Mind• What's going on I never felt...
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All because of Biana by KOTLCFANGIRL1227
All because of Bianaby Ms.Wood
Sophie and Fitz find themselves playing a game of truth or dare. A dare that Biana gives Sophie changes the relationship between Sophie and Fitz changes, but the questio...
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Fairy Tail: Truth Or Dare by Tahnia14
Fairy Tail: Truth Or Dareby Kekeleerobinson
It is time that we bring our favorite couples together for an exciting game of Truth or Dare.
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Zodiac funny's by creeptina_2
Zodiac funny'sby Shooting Star
just for fun the Zodiac in different places
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Trolls: Truth or Dare by sanhitaa
Trolls: Truth or Dareby 👁👄👁
Truth or Dare with Branch and Poppy!
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Crawl (Sequel to Remember Me)   Coming Soon... by alyysavb1
Crawl (Sequel to Remember Me) Co...by alyysavb1
Odell and Y/N have gone through so much trying to repair what was broken. Many more obstacles will come their way. Can they take the heat?
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not ready ~ AG McDaniel fanfic by blushrxses
not ready ~ AG McDaniel fanficby that hoe
When Grayson moves from Oregon to Louisville in with her aunt in hopes to restart her life, most of the boys are into her. Oh, and AG. Grayson is still breaking bad habi...
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Jordan Parrish x Stiles Stilinski  by Stackson23
Jordan Parrish x Stiles Stilinski by Ziall Love
Is if from there they fist meet each other and from then on. Will they be together or use different people to make each other jealous. Is Jordan Parrish going to be a P...
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WYR BTS  by Hydraura
WYR BTS by Hydraura
Bts would you rather. for all stans (hard and soft) 😉 weekly updates 🕞 requests are open, feel free to comment ✍ 1k reads thank you🥺 credit of used pictures goes to o...
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back for Hank Voight by KennyJacinta
back for Hank Voightby Jacinta Kenny
Jess Halstead has been away from Chicago for four years..... and all she could do was think about Hank Voight..... and her brother's Will and Jay..... over the past four...
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The Uncle Doom by Nothing_or_Something
The Uncle Doomby Nothing or Something
So that's a Doom Slayer being "uncle" to Ruby.
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Ask or Dare: Queen!Chara and Butler!Sans by BillXChara
Ask or Dare: Queen!Chara and Butle...by GONE
I felt like this would be something you guys might enjoy so please ask them anything! You can also ask other characters than Chara and Sans if you want!
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Truth or Dare with Star and Marco! by Pancakes4certain
Truth or Dare with Star and Marco!by Pancakes4certain
THis is a genuine game of truth or dare with MArco and Star! To enter the truth or dare, add your truth or dare to the comments! Please keep it clean, as i would...
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Servamp Quotes (Phrases) by googlehcney
Servamp Quotes (Phrases)by veronicah
Heyo!! I'm writing quotes from Servamp or phrases. However you want to call them!
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'adore you *:・゚✧ by ifuckwithtakis
'adore you *:・゚✧by stark
☆゚.*・。゚rants ☆゚.*・。゚
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Truth or Dare (PAW Patrol Edition)  by CHASEBOII69
Truth or Dare (PAW Patrol Edition) by Shaded Yt
*Finished Story* Rated PG-13 FOR OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE, ROMANCE AND ALL THAT SHIT Okay,I know that what cover shows, but there will be Chase x Skye on this, and maybe a lit...
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Ride or Die !  by naybaahoodprinCess
Ride or Die ! by ♡
After taking the blame for her boyfriend at 16 years old. Alanaza is released from jail 5 years later. ... Just read please I promise the book will be better then this l...
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