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The Dragon of The Demons (Highschool DxD x Male Reader) by Maou_Ryuji
The Dragon of The Demons (Highscho...by Shayan Ahmed
I don't own anything in this story. You are the king of the dragons, so powerful nothing can defeat you, so you go into hibernation for many years, to find some entertai...
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Male reader x rwby harem by TheReaper_ofDeath
Male reader x rwby haremby Reaper
I suck at this so lets get this over with.... You're sent to the rwby universe (the characters are probably ooc don't blame me) by GOD. Why? You may ask. Cuz of truck-ku...
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Superwoman by KyleAlingus
Superwomanby KyleAlingus
Superwoman has left Earth and after a fierce battle she recuperates in the sun. When she returns, she is as powerful as a God. How will this God deal with a whole new wo...
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The dragon Emperor Descends by Chazza13908873
The dragon Emperor Descendsby ChazzaO2
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Back in time by WSR_Weiss
Back in timeby
Y/n L/n, And team RWBY has finally managed to turn the tides against Salem after y/n getting trained by a man named Tatsumi Lightfeather. but as they prepare to finish o...
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Two sides but still same person by beatrishounbee
Two sides but still same personby beatrishoun bee
Okie guys I know I have a lot of books that are MINE Listen new year still old me! poop it *do not swear in front of my child* >:) Alright this story is about deku...
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Rimurus Journey by Peacemaker2_at_
Rimurus Journeyby Emanuel Maximilian Lehner
Rimuru, we all know him and we all love him but what if I told you that he actually took on the form if a woman because he or better said she fell in love with Milim. No...
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servent of all (op!maleoc x many of the FGO girls) by Blackboard12
servent of all (op!maleoc x many o...by Blackboard12
been playing this game way to much so i decided you know what? lets make one that gives the main master a male servent that not even the heads of the protection group kn...
rwby X ArmA zeus by Huggiesaregoodies
rwby X ArmA zeusby Huggiesaregoodies
Your female...
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SON OF GOD by IanTe9
JR is one of the so called unfortunate youngster to live in a world where hunters exist with skills that given to everyone as the medium, one day when he is on his way t...
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The loner turns op by StegasiPrima
The loner turns opby Stegasi jamir
The story follows Siejin , a young boy who dies in a car accident by mistake, God asks for forgiveness and promises to recarnate him in other world where magic exists. A...
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The traveler (multiverse traveling male reader) by borkborkbitch
The traveler (multiverse traveling...by Zamemeboi
For hundreds of year you have been traveling. Overtime you've become the most powerful being the in the multiverse. Recognized as the first mortal to figure out how to t...
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[Trans] Linh tinh về Zonami by Lyuuan
[Trans] Linh tinh về Zonamiby Lyuun
Được dịch chủ yếu từ blog: http://zoronamiplus.weebly.com/ "Chào mừng! Đây là blog sìn Zonami của tui nè. Trong này có đủ thứ về Zonami nha, từ moment, hint, fanfi...
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High school DxD x op male reader volume 2 by Drpeeper13
High school DxD x op male reader v...by Dr.pepper13
Alright I've finally decided to do volume 2 and I gotta say I love what I got. So please enjoy
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rwby X female fallout 4 op reader by Huggiesaregoodies
rwby X female fallout 4 op readerby Huggiesaregoodies
title says it all
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The last shinobi by NozarickRin
The last shinobiby Nozarick Rin
izuku hinomia is the last of the shinobis. his clan members either died of age or had dispersed. Izuku now became a student of UA. The only trouble was, izuku was a very...
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El cambio de Issei by jhil707
El cambio de Isseiby Hernández
En esta historia tratara de que hubiera pasado si Issei hubiera estado gordo cuando conoció a Rias y a las chicas. Se unirá al mundo sobrenatural pero de otro modo, empe...
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Mi Sufrimiento, Tu perdición by TheOnePower
Mi Sufrimiento, Tu perdiciónby PowerMan
Izuku es torturado y ya no tiene interés en ser héroe solo en exterminar a el árbol aogiri :u
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Regresa Izuku by jhil707
Regresa Izukuby Hernández
Izuku es acusado de darle información a la liga de los villanos por una grabación que la vio el director y los demás maestros. El castigo que sufre Izuku es regresar el...
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