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Uwu (Bnha boys X OP Reader) by DunkingDognuts
Uwu (Bnha boys X OP Reader)by Diirtierthandiana
She thicc
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A Gods' Point Of View | Bungou Stray Dogs x Female OC by Himari-Baka
A Gods' Point Of View | Bungou Str...by Himari
Kurokage Shiro has been the Goddess Of All Creation for as long as she can remember. Governing millions of worlds all at once, writing thousands of fates, and ending som...
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Greater Than The Supreme Beings by XKingSkullX
Greater Than The Supreme Beingsby XKingSkullX
The Great God of the Omniverse. You might think that he's the center of all things alive, and that he's the most powerful being existing. You might also think that he's...
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FairyTail family  by Dillon57
FairyTail family by Pokemon 37676777
FairyTail with oc child op dragon slayer
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The Demon at School (MReader x Rosario+Vampire) by ApollyonShirayuki
The Demon at School (MReader x Ros...by Motivations are Pizza
Y/n L/n is the son of Dante and Trish, They send him to Yokai Academy because he always cause trouble at the Human Schools because of his looks that attract all the att...
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Threads Of Fate by AIRISgem
Threads Of Fateby REMICA
She was supposed to be dead but she refuses that fate. Because of her strong will the time rewind letting her hold the threads of fate "Living this way is my way of...
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God among mortals(BNHA x OP OC)Book-Two by Velvet-Is-adorable69
God among mortals(BNHA x OP OC)Boo...by LautrecOfficial
Lautrec Godslayer.A man,turned god,turned God of Gods,turned ultimate hero.He has ventured to many worlds.As he travels worlds he is always on a time limit.He is forced...
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HULK SMASH VS DETROIT SMASH! (Hulk Male Reader X My Hero Academia) by Heroesfan10009
HULK SMASH VS DETROIT SMASH! (Hulk...by TheHeroicLegend2005
Hulk belongs to Marvel Comics, Jack Kirby, and Stan Lee My Hero Academia belongs to Kōhei Horikoshi
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The OP Psychic by BakuthotIcyHot
The OP Psychicby IcyHotIsHere
(Y/N) (L/N) is what you would call a weeb. Or you could go as an Otaku. (Y/N) LOVES anime, so much that he wishes he could be in an anime. Oh? He can? What do you-? (Y...
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Naruto Otsutsuki "The Immoral Legend" by Dantemuscot
Naruto Otsutsuki "The Immoral Lege...by Ḑ̵̨̪̳̱̥̺̼̊̇A̴̡̫̺̮̘̫̫͠Ñ̶͋͛͠͝...
After Naruto's 5th birthday, the God of Everything (Subete no Kami) had enough of the civilians and shinobi alike treating Naruto like a monster, so he adopted Naruto as...
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The Exploring DEMON by ApollyonShirayuki
The Exploring DEMONby Motivations are Pizza
Y/n is a powerful Demon that just want to explore all different worlds or dimensions (I do not own some of the picture, GIF you see here.)
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Rinne Sharingan (Naruto Reincarnation Fanfiction) (Haku x Oc) by 125animeislife
Rinne Sharingan (Naruto Reincarnat...by KatAnimeFan
Fuwa is what you would describe as chaotic. Her emotions were everywhere and she was a huge klutz, but a smart one. For one bad thing about her, she would have a positiv...
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Reborn as Kakashi's daughter?! by 125animeislife
Reborn as Kakashi's daughter?!by KatAnimeFan
Kiku was a normal girl with a normal life. That was... until she was hit by a tile because some reckless bastard thought it was a good idea to THROW A FREAKING TILE OUT...
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Saiki's Disastrous Life at UA High by Beefcupcakes
Saiki's Disastrous Life at UA Highby Beefcupcakes
A SAIKI K AND MY HERO CROSSOVER! When Saiki decides he's tired of his universe he switches things up a bit, merging the My Hero universe with his own. He thought he coul...
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The last shinobi by NozarickRin
The last shinobiby Nozarick Rin
izuku hinomia is the last of the shinobis. his clan members either died of age or had dispersed. Izuku now became a student of UA. The only trouble was, izuku was a very...
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Cutting Threads (Ryuko Matoi X OP OC) Multiverse Tales Book 1 by CruderPlace13
Cutting Threads (Ryuko Matoi X OP...by CruderPlace13
Meet C he's a multiversal savior with more power than your normal overpowered anime protagonist. C was the leader of a group of multiversal badasses called the Breed and...
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High school DxD x op male reader volume 2 by Drpeeper13
High school DxD x op male reader v...by Dr.pepper13
Alright I've finally decided to do volume 2 and I gotta say I love what I got. So please enjoy
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He is what!!???         (Persona 5) by beatrishounbee
He is what!!??? (Persona 5)by beatrishoun bee
Akira Kurusu is a normal healthy boy, tho he does live in a very rich family. At a young age he realised his parents come home beaten up every day when they come home. s...
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Warped by PixelatedConquest
Warpedby PixelatedConquest
Sakura Haruno died because she was supposed to die. She no longer had to deal with the crazy things in her world because fate had finally put an end to her. Maybe fate a...
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Regresa Izuku by jhil707
Regresa Izukuby Hernández
Izuku es acusado de darle información a la liga de los villanos por una grabación que la vio el director y los demás maestros. El castigo que sufre Izuku es regresar el...
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