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🌷🌷TO BE (OR) NOT TO BE🌷🌷 by LilyQueen5
🌷🌷TO BE (OR) NOT TO BE🌷🌷by မီးဆိုးေလး
ကုမ္ပဏီဥက္ကPresident္ဌတစ် ဦး သည်ကင်ဆာရောဂါဖြင့်မတော်တဆ ၀ တ္ထုတစ်အုပ်ထဲသို့ကူးပြောင်းသွားသည်။ ထိပ်တန်းတွင်ဤYanမင်းသားသည်ရန်သူနိုင်ငံ၏မင်းသားဖြစ်သည်။ သူသည်ယခုအချိန်တွင်သူ...
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adopted by NBA youngboy {completed} by tosha4664
adopted by NBA youngboy {completed}by Lil juju🙈
she gets adopted by NBA youngboy and yb starts learning more about having a daughter Buuut also sum else🤫
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The Water Sprite by moosesforgooses
The Water Spriteby moosesforgooses
Bai Qian, the young Princess of The Fox Clan flees the Den in search of peace and quiet after an argument between her parents leaves her tearful and confused. Never cou...
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[Shounen Ai] Nan Hao & Shang Feng by Wei_Huanling
[Shounen Ai] Nan Hao & Shang Fengby L & R
Author: 布朗尼 Indo trans: Wei Huanling source: mangabat sinopsis: "Apa itu pemuda? Malu + kemunafikan + egois + terlalu percaya diri + ..." Nan Hao dan Shang f...
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Saki: Quartet Night's Composer by Zecha13
Saki: Quartet Night's Composerby Zecha
Highest rank= #1 in utanoprincesama (8/21/2019) Shining Saki, Daughter of Shining Saotome was assigned to be Quartet Night's composer, since Nanami Haruka went with ST⭐R...
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Animal Instincts: One-Shots for Book 1 by OfficialUSMWriter
Animal Instincts: One-Shots for Bo...by Mystery_Name
One-shot book for my USM fanfiction- Animal Instincts: Infected Humanity. There will be clues as to who our mysterious villain is in here. Hope you enjoy! [Ranked #52 in...
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The Gate: Thus the Spartan Fought Here  by SpartanII25
The Gate: Thus the Spartan Fought...by Spartan II commando
A Spartan who became a legend due to his fighting spirit and the way he inspires hope. After the Final battle he was declared MIA after there was no sign of him arriving...
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Run Away || Luke Hemmings by droppingashley
Run Away || Luke Hemmingsby Ashley Rose
"I'll sing a melody and hope to God he's listening"
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Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabukome wa Machigatteiru - Volume 14 by atwattomina
Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabukome wa...by atwattomina
The youth pattern that continues to be wrong, the series is completed. The season was approaching spring again. Even if you repeat the same days, today is always new. Ev...
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[cover][shinxshi] học sinh chuyển lớp by user74619520
[cover][shinxshi] học sinh chuyển...by
đọc đi rồi biết do mình cover lại đó
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THE END OF WAR (Watty Award Winner) by BenSobieck
THE END OF WAR (Watty Award Winner)by Benjamin Sobieck
***2019 Watty Award Winner - Science Fiction*** Picture a world where humans no longer fight wars. No more families missing loved ones. No more veterans with lifelong m...
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Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabukome wa Machigatteiru - Volume 12 by atwattomina
Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabukome wa...by atwattomina
Even if it is a choice that they would regret later on. Right after the Valentine's Day event, Hachiman and the others resolved to take a step forward on that one snowy...
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Ai No Kusabi - Iason Mink Fanfiction by TheIceQueem
Ai No Kusabi - Iason Mink Fanficti...by Mizuki Mink
What if Iason's pet was w an ex wealthy young lady ?
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You Lied To Me // Detective Conan/Case Closed by jailrose1987
You Lied To Me // Detective Conan...by Jail Rose
[[ UNDER REVISION ]] {COMPLETED} {PREQUEL OF "BLACK ORGANIZATION'S HUNT FOR SHINICHI"} Conan has only two goals: To protect his relatives and friends, and to t...
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Tamen De Gushi(Their story) by pokerffffff
Tamen De Gushi(Their story)by Ella Brown'
Their story : The funny romantic story of how Qiu Tong and Sun Jing met and fell in love. Also contains insert art of the characters by the mangaka. Author : T...
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Thirty Days With Haibara by imhajer_
Thirty Days With Haibaraby Sherlocked 🛸🕵🏻‍♀️.
Haibara decides something that will change Conan's life route for ever. "That's the irony, isn't it? We share the same fate, I'll be be your shield if you lend me t...
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Breathe | moonbae by rosyncts
Breathe | moonbaeby 🌹 jo 🌹
Kevin Moon was just your normal college student going to university to get his degree and better his life. Little did he know the very town he moved to would shake up hi...
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Fate of Terra - Rise of Empires by JC_The_Continuer
Fate of Terra - Rise of Empiresby JC_The_Continuer
The direct sequel to Fate of Terra As Michael Dragomir continues in his quest to remove the cancerous race of the B'Amuf from the roster of power, new enemies come into...
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Drawings Part three by FlanPotatoPirate
Drawings Part threeby lenpiko is 👌
this is an art book where i post my art, have fun Though i must say a good 90% of this book is piko so yeah. good boy. (((and god if i ever draw ships 9/10 itll be lenp...
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Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabukome wa Machigatteiru - Volume 13 by atwattomina
Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabukome wa...by atwattomina
"The end of the school year approaches, the snow thaws, but it's still March, far from the budding hope that spring will bring. Yukino, Yui, Hachiman, each putting...
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