Raid, một trong sáu người hùng đã một mình chiến đấu với Ma Thần và bỏ mạng. Sau khi chạm mặt một vị thần(kinh) thì anh tỉnh lại, và chợt nhận ra mình đã được tái sinh m...
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#writewithZo Writing Contest (open to all countries) by Zo
#writewithZo Writing Contest (open...by Zo
Global Contest! Wattpad has partnered with Zo, a social AI, to help provide inspiration for your next Wattpad story. In 500 words or less, we're asking you to share a st...
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The Spartan of Warcraft  by SpartanII25
The Spartan of Warcraft by Spartan II commando
Spartan-001 has been known as a unique soldier as well being another hyper lethal soldier since he's proved to be very deadly as well his AI companion. Though after the...
  • ái
  • wow
  • elves
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Warlock of Magus World by Faelynos
Warlock of Magus Worldby Faelynos
~Not mine. For Offline purposes only! (and to store it in my library)~ --------------------- What happens when a scientist from a futuristic world reincarnates in a Worl...
  • cultivation
  • sci-fi
  • mystery
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Immortal Mortals by moosesforgooses
Immortal Mortalsby moosesforgooses
She is the Immortal worlds most powerful High Goddess. He is the Immortal worlds most powerful War God, and they are in an arranged marriage to each other though they h...
  • tenmilesofpeachblossoms
  • romance
  • 3l3w
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Detective Meets Assassin-Detective Conan x Assassination classroom by Carnivore4
Detective Meets Assassin-Detective...by Carnivore4
Nagisa Shiota chose to become an assassin instead of a teacher. Now, he attends Teitan highschool while working as an assassin. He becomes close friends with Jimmy Kudo...
  • depression
  • anime
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Can We Bring Back Your Smile by hala_q
Can We Bring Back Your Smileby hala_q
Dilara Scott, a professional idol and composer, and loved by everyone, even kids know her although she is far away. One day she received a phone call from Shining Saot...
  • reiji
  • tokiyaichinose
  • syo
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The Water Sprite by moosesforgooses
The Water Spriteby moosesforgooses
Bai Qian, the young Princess of The Fox Clan flees the Den in search of peace and quiet after an argument between her parents leaves her tearful and confused. Never cou...
  • bai
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  • love
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Finally Living Together with my Ant-Fan by Yaoi_33
Finally Living Together with my An...by Yaoi_33
«ما تحب الياوي انصحك لا تدخل🔞❌» .. . بتكون خاصة للمتابعين💓
  • ái
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Saki: Quartet Night's Composer by Zecha13
Saki: Quartet Night's Composerby Zecha
Shining Saki, Daughter of Shining Saotome was assigned to be Quartet Night's composer, since Nanami Haruka went with ST⭐RISH on their tour around Japan, Saki is a tempor...
  • reiji
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Dying Without You (Zero Kiryu x Suicidal! Reader) by homicidalmurderess
Dying Without You (Zero Kiryu x Su...by AlysWrites
Everyday was getting harder. Meet (Y/N). She's on the Disiplinary Committee just like Yuki Cross and her crush, Zero Kiryu. But she has it worse. The fangirls all bully...
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Wild Rock by Princess58456
Wild Rockby ♛̅σ̅τ̅α̅ĸ̅υ ̅ɢ̅ɪ̅я̅ℓ ̅ρ̅я̅ɪ̅и...
أعطيت Yuuen ، طفل رئيس عشيرة غابة مهمة إغواء Emba ، نجل رئيس عشيرة البحيرة. يكتشف Yuuen مشكلة ما عندما يدرك مدى حساسية وسذاجة Emba حقا ، ويجد نفسه تروق للشباب أكثر في كل...
  • drama
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  • تاريخي
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Ai x Syo Fluff by ShoutaMikaze
Ai x Syo Fluffby Shouta Mikaze
Just some Ai x Syo Fluff :3
  • ái
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Animal Instincts: One-Shots for Book 1 by OfficialUSMWriter
Animal Instincts: One-Shots for Bo...by Mystery_Name
One-shot book for my USM fanfiction- Animal Instincts: Infected Humanity. There will be clues as to who our mysterious villain is in here. Hope you enjoy! [Ranked #52 in...
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Em không vào địa ngục thì ai vào? (Hoàn) - Tửu Tiểu Thất by Libra_arbil_310
Em không vào địa ngục thì ai vào...by Libra_arbil_310
Tôi lớn như vậy, tổng cộng phạm vào hai việc làm cho mình hối tiếc đã sai lầm. Cái thứ nhất là điền sai nguyện vọng rồi thi vào trường cao đẳng Chí Nguyện, cái thứ hai...
  • không
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Run Away || Luke Hemmings by droppingashley
Run Away || Luke Hemmingsby Ashley Rose
"I'll sing a melody and hope to God he's listening"
  • ashtonirwin
  • lukehemmingsfanfic
  • hemmings
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#writewithZo Writing Contest by ScienceFiction
#writewithZo Writing Contestby Science Fiction
GLOBAL CONTEST! Wattpad has partnered with Zo, a social AI, to help provide inspiration for your next Wattpad story. In 500 words or less, we're asking you to share a st...
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You Lied To Me // Detective Conan/Case Closed by jailrose1987
You Lied To Me // Detective Conan...by Jail Rose
[[ UNDER REVISION ]] {COMPLETED} {PREQUEL OF "BLACK ORGANIZATION'S HUNT FOR SHINICHI"} Conan has only two goals: To protect his relatives and friends, and to t...
  • takagi
  • organization
  • juzo
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Uta No Prince Sama {Boyfriend Scenarios} by Lunar_Brittance
Uta No Prince Sama {Boyfriend Scen...by Galaxy Lunar Komori
I will do every requests! Well, maybe. {WARNING}: SLOW UPDATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also. I will not do heavens unlest you request me to!
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Light of the Holy Maiden by Fiftychan
Light of the Holy Maidenby Devina Stephanie
Liang Xingbai was betrayed in his past life. With a broken heart, he died. Instead of fully dying and losing everything, Liang Xingbai transmigrated (or reincarnated) in...
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