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Drawings | l.s by rachvol6
Drawings | l.sby rach
you're fun to draw | copyright @ rachel (stylesadxre) |
Sage was no ordinary girl. She wasn't from this land, she was more the sea type of girl. She had no business on land, that was until three land girls become part of the...
Something About You by Luvya11
Something About Youby VT
My bed drooped and there was something on top of me. I tensed. Slowly, I turned my head to see evergreen eyes staring at me. "....." Silence. I turned my head...
In love with my kindnapper by taynicste
In love with my kindnapperby taynicste
This storys about 16 year old jessica wood. She had a normal life till she started getting wierd calls and letters from a stranger. One day while going to meet her admir...
Double Trouble a Fred and George Weasley fanfiction by battleboss1
Double Trouble a Fred and George W...by battleboss1
Lacey Henry has just witnessed her parents and brothers being killed by you know who. So when she runs to find help, the Weasleys help her. But, she finds herself fallin...
How To Add GIFs by LillianCarrol
How To Add GIFsby l i l l i a n
Recently, I have gotten several comments and messages asking 'How in the world do you add a gif to your story?' So I thought, why not make a small guide for everyone to...
The Alpha And His Mate by blackwings17
The Alpha And His Mateby blackwings17
Becca White is 17 and super excited now that she finally got the apartment she's been wanting for months, but what she doesn't know is that the area is owned by a strong...
The Blood Of Olympus by BernzDemigodOfAthena
The Blood Of Olympusby Berney Ellis (Bernz)
Annabeth and Percy are back from Tartarus, Reyna and Coach Hedge and Nico are shadow traveling to Camp Half-Blood to save the Roman and Greek Demigods from starting worl...
Izuru reacts to ships (and maybe other stuff) by assmxlons
Izuru reacts to ships (and maybe o...by assmxlons
Inspired by @simpingfornagito Yeah the title says it all 😻
Yandere Elsword Boys x Male Reader Oneshots by bunnieboo2003
Yandere Elsword Boys x Male Reader...by bunnieboo2003
Just Oneshots of the Elboys going crazy over you (I don't own Elsword; Elsword belongs to KOG) (Art belongs to their respective artists) (First time writing so don't be...
I've Fallen in Love with my Kidnapper by Sofi_Love21
I've Fallen in Love with my Kidnap...by Sofi Love
Carly, an 18-year-old, just got out of high school and into summer break. She gets good grades, she already has a college ready for her, her whole life is just what she...
Phantomhive x Trancy by frieshamarceline
Phantomhive x Trancyby Draco Malfoy
A Ciel x Alois fanfic
ADHD/ADD Guide by Sophieeeeeee_123
ADHD/ADD Guideby Sophieeeeeee_123
This is a guide to help people with ADHD/ADD if they have questions. If you don't have it, go ahead and read it. Just keep in mind that you will never be able to underst...
Best Wattpad Novels by ann_penne
Best Wattpad Novelsby Ann Penne
!!!!Need to update this. Please note that I haven't added new books for a while!!!!!! GOOD BOOKS THAT YOU SHOULD READ IN WATTPAD! THESE ARE BOOKS THAT YOU DON'T WANT TO...
Fanfiction Cover Shop!  by lukescurlsenthusiast
Fanfiction Cover Shop! by 𝐒𝐨𝐩𝐡 🐬
Fanfiction Cover Shop! Requests are now open! Check it out and fill in the form of you are in need of a cover! (My covers are mostly for Fanfiction but I'll make exce...
Babtqftim! Bendy x Sister of cup and mug! Reader by owowuthappened
Babtqftim! Bendy x Sister of cup a...by Nikki?
You are the sister of Cuphead and Mugman you're the youngest (deal with it m8 😎) you're 18 years old by the way and you're kinda the bubbly type and tell a lot of puns...
Sterek (boyxboy) by gay_super-nerd15
Sterek (boyxboy)by Gay supernerd
Stiles is an average, and socially awkward teenager.all that changes when he finds out all his friends and boyfriend(yes he's gay) are werewolves
[Elsword]-My Lunacy and her Cuteness by DiabolicEsper3
[Elsword]-My Lunacy and her Cutene...by TwistedTracer
"Kughh I want Eve's codes not thi- AHHH!"----"Oh Add!" Disclaimer: I do not own the picture nor do I own Elsword
H2O: Just Add Water | Season 4 by iLovato
H2O: Just Add Water | Season 4by ΛRIΞL LOvΛTO
Meet Nash McLaren, your typical 17 years old guy. Life's changes for him as he moves all the way from the concrete jungle of New York to the sunny tides of Gold Coast. T...
Can love shadow hate? Dark link x link by Gotosleepjefflui
Can love shadow hate? Dark link x...by Little miss killjoy
Dark link is links shadow, and the ruthless prince of darkness. Link and dark hate each other, and with every chance they get they try to kill each other. During one of...