K e [y] n a [n]. [COMPLETED] by Brilliantradhea
K e [y] n a [n]. [COMPLETED]by brilliantradhea
#2 -fiksiremaja [1 Juni 2018] #13. -fiksiremaja [25 Mei 2018] Cover by: @lenzhy25 SEBAGIAN CERITA DIPRIVAT!!! Tak ada yang tahu tentang hati, kecuali pemiliknya. Jika m...
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For Sunrise [COMPLETED] by Brilliantradhea
For Sunrise [COMPLETED]by brilliantradhea
[REVISI] #22 -fiksiremaja [25 Mei 2018] SEBAGIAN CERITA DIPRIVAT!!! Cover by: @lenzhy25 Ini bukan hanya cerita tentang keindahan dan kehangatan sunrise. Tapi ini cerita...
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TRAUMA by hajirajalil
TRAUMAby hajira79
Tragedi lama masih lagi menghantui dirinya.Tragedi itu juga telah menjadikan dia fobia dengan darah.Radhwa berpindah ke sebuah sekolah private yang menempatkan pelajar d...
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Marvel Gif Series by XForceBiotch
Marvel Gif Seriesby Ella Brock
Warning you now, I have a weird sense of humor, so the humor in these may be weird... COVER BY biebogilinskers
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[I Want To Help You]Pennywise x reader  by NekoliyNeko
[I Want To Help You]Pennywise x re...by 🎈NekoliyNeko️🎈
You're a 18yr old girl. One day, a certain clown takes a visit at your house, and after that your fates are bound. You decide to help him fight the Loser's club. Will yo...
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I can't be with you...|| Vinseop Fanfic (U-Kiss) by kiseopsabs
I can't be with you...|| Vinseop F...by kiseopsabs
Two famous k-pop members, Kiseop and Kevin. They fall in love with each other and shit happens. Fights about sexuality and shit with the managers. They together hate it...
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[OG]PENDEK[P.J.M] by nananureena
[OG]PENDEK[P.J.M]by sugarrrrrr
Pendek tu tak menjadi masalah sebenarnya.. Tapi orang disekeliling yang membuatkan diri aku rasa teruk apabila digelar sebagai-- PENDEK!! Kau ejek aku pendek.. At the e...
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Watch Your Mouth by jordaninmay
Watch Your Mouthby jordan
"Watch your mouth." Stanley Marsh Was In HighSchool, but there was one thing. He had a crush on his friend Kenneth "Kenny" McCormick, he had for awhi...
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IT WAS A DARE  by bearctrap
IT WAS A DARE by bearctrap
ᐝ.∗̥✩⁺˚ IT WAS A DAREᐝ.∗̥✩⁺˚ - A blackbear fanfiction By @bearctrap Xo
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Volhar đồng nhân by lanshangyue
Volhar đồng nhânby LanShangYue
Tập hợp volhar đồng nhân
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❤️•Childish•❤️ [Anxiety X Childish! Reader] --DISCONTINUED-- by QueenofTheLoony-Bin
❤️•Childish•❤️ [Anxiety X Childish...by QueenofTheLoony-Bin
You are Thomas's Childish Side, now most people would say that Morality is but he's different he's knows what is wrong or right and sure he is childish but he isn't... T...
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[long hiatus]peach media./yoonmin by liuxheart
[long hiatus]peach media./yoonminby あお
"i own this man's peaches" - min Yoongi Started: May 16, 2018 Ended: Contains Jimin's Peaches , Smut , fluff Side Ships -vkook -namjin
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Funny Joke Book! by jaydenggg
Funny Joke Book!by Jade
Full of Jokes. Thats itxD
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[SU]Peter Pan Syndrome〖KTH〗 by DarkBam
[SU]Peter Pan Syndrome〖KTH〗by Kim_Bhuwakul
Tragedi yang mengubah lelaki normal bernama Kim Taehyung kepada lelaki istimewa, syndrome peter pan. Orang misteri yang telah merosakkan kehidupan taehyung itu sangat di...
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[C]Pengsan? | JJK by sugabeylaf_
[C]Pengsan? | JJKby N A B E Y L A H
"Kenapa selalu pengsan?" "Sa-saye ade masalah." "Masalah?" "Setiap kali....tengok awak." Cast:- Jeon Jungkook BTS Im Da Eun (re...
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It Wasn't Just A Kiss.. (Stony Fanfiction) by 0NeliBeli0
It Wasn't Just A Kiss.. (Stony Fan...by 0NeliBeli0
Steven Grant Rogers and Anthony "Tony" Stark have always had their fights, jokes, and.. "moments." It isn't until one day where one of these "mo...
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✓ TEEN WOLF GIF IMAGINES by -colesmackenzie
❝BITCH PLEASE, I DON'T SIMPLY BRUSH MY HAIR. I COMB IT. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE.❞ If you're a vegetarian ( or vegan ) then I sincerely apologise for half of these imag...
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"Coffee?" by jordaninmay
"Coffee?"by jordan
<3 ~Read the Book for actual story lol.~
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Time Travel With Percy Jackson and The Crew! by PersephoneDavenport
Time Travel With Percy Jackson and...by BionicDemigod
[FEM!]Percy jackson and a few of her friends go back in time to change the future. The Crew consists of: Persis Jackson, Nico di Angelo, Thalia Grace, Jason Grace, Piper...
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