My super hero my dad by Numera67
My super hero my dadby Numera Iqbal
A lovely story describing my love towards my dad. He is the one who I love very much.. Continue reading for full poem ..........
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The Plight of False Hope by JackWard7
The Plight of False Hopeby Jack Ward
Lincoln gets a surprise after his exam
  • night
  • love
  • sad
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A mermaid's tale by kathrinuk
A mermaid's taleby kathrinuk
A mermaid from the lost civilazation called Atlantis has made a deal with a devil. She can obtain legs and the power to change back and forth.What must she do?Steal a c...
  • sea
  • dragons
  • demons
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Transformer characters  by abigail463
Transformer characters by abigail463
This is my first book that I am writing so I thought that I would do a book about the transformer characters. hope u enjoy
  • optimusprime
  • ratchet
  • transformer
"A Winter Battle" by JamesBaruch
"A Winter Battle"by James Baruch
An inspirational poem written durning the 2018 Stanley Cup Finals.
  • hockey
  • jamesbaruch
  • sportspoems
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What's On Your Mind? by L-E-S-B-O
What's On Your Mind?by Mericka Thowel
Merry and Vanessa we're the school's lesbian couple and they didn't care. They always did almost everything together. They walked to class together, they sat alone at lu...
  • romance
  • lesbian
  • couple
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My woman I love you ❤ by Realjamesmasloww
My woman I love you ❤by Realjamesmasloww
Gabi I love you so much ❤
Medicine ♡ || Larry Stylinson  by kweenhazza
Medicine ♡ || Larry Stylinson by Larry’s baby 🌻.
"Just keep this between us two" "I promise".
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  • larry
  • niallhoran
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Prožitky Netečných Duší by FadedFirefly
Prožitky Netečných Dušíby *Even the fireflies turn off...
Všichni jsme si mysleli, že to zvládneme. Co ale budeme říkat zítra, za týden, za rok? Bude vše při stejném - nebo se rozpadneme?
  • teenshit
the last heart brake by DestinyRose628
the last heart brakeby Destiny Rose
this is a story about rose and her hart brake
  • loss
  • love
Tags by aquadragon2004
Tagsby Let me live ok
If you tagged me it's here
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  • random
  • ineedalife
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les regrets d'une fratrie by jouuuue01
les regrets d'une fratrieby Asunatouka
Il était une fois un adolescent, Torak. Il était heureux, très heureux. Il avait une belle famille, de bons amis, une super petite amie. Il avait un toit, un foyer, des...
  • fratrie
  • accidents
  • bonheur
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Wanna  One - 1÷x=1 (Undivided) 2018 by randomlyricsx
Wanna One - 1÷x=1 (Undivided) 2018by randomlyricsx
Released: June 4, 2018 Track listing 1. Light (켜줘, "Kyeojwo") 2. Kangaroo (Prod. Zico) (캥거루, "Kaenggeoroo") (Triple Position) 3. Forever and A Day...
  • kpop
  • light
  • wannaone
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The Go-To Guy by DennisCoslett
The Go-To Guyby DennisCoslett
I decided to try my hand at writing a short-short story, sometimes known as Flash Fiction. The requirement for a piece of fiction to qualify as Flash Fiction is that it...
  • wattys2018
Minecraft skins by Thorn-Rose03
Minecraft skinsby Thorn-Rose03
this is just a book for my Minecraft skins
Koruyucu Melek by kucukkizdansatirlar
Koruyucu Melekby kucukkizdansatirlar
Kaybolmuştum kendi benliğimde.Böyle bir şeyi ilk defa deneyimlemiştim.Sadakati temsil eden adım , beyaz kanatlarım ve biraz da kırgınlıklarımla ayrılıyordum işte ; göçü...
  • bilimkurgu
  • melek
  • fantastik
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suche daddy/meister by writeme777
suche daddy/meisterby marie leibniz
hi. ich heiße marie & bin 16 jahre alt. ich bin auf der suche nach einem daddy oder einem meister. ich habe eigentlich keine bis sehr wenig erfahrung damit, wäre aber s...
  • sklavin
  • schreibt
  • mir
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Fake Love by XjadeX05
Fake Loveby XjadeX05
Sometimes you say "I love you, but". Yet the 'but' takes away the meaning of 'I love you'. In love their are no 'buts' or 'ifs' or 'when'. It's just there, and...
  • toxic
  • heartbroke
  • love
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