Introducing Reactions - new from Wattpad.

Introducing Reactions

Show others how your favorite parts make you feel with Reactions.
Feel it. Say it. Save it.

A new way Wattpad makes stories even more social.

Reactions make it easy and fun to share your realtime feelings on a story, and save your favorite passages to your library. Choose from a growing library of emotions and words, and revisit your favorite Reactions from your Library, any time.

Sloth Sticker
Me Tho Sticker
Plot twist too real? Show others your Reaction!
Experience all the feels. Click a passage to see how the rest of the community reacted.
All the Feels Sticker
Holy Water Sticker
Remember your highlights and revisit your Reactions any time.

How to save Reactions

Reactions are a way to share your feelings with other Wattpadders. Similar to adding a comment, highlight the part you want to react to.

Next, select a sticker that reflects how you feel. Did a romantic squabble make you angry? Save it! Did your heart stop after a romantic gesture? Show other readers with a Reaction!

After you select your sticker you can see your Reaction, as well as how other readers reacted to the same part.

How to save Reactions app screenshot
How to access Reactions slack screenshot

How to access your Reaction highlights

Easily return to highlights you’ve reacted to. All your highlights are saved in the ‘Reactions’ tab in your library.

You can access your 5 most recent Reaction highlights for free, or upgrade to Wattpad Premium to access all your Reaction highlights.

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