Get support for doing what you love.

Publish your stories on Wattpad, and earn money for your work.

Paid Stories lets writers see the support of their existing community and fanbase.

Readers and writers come to Wattpad for the community. Unlike traditional publishing houses, Wattpad allows readers to connect in a way unseen anywhere else. Readers don’t just read the stories, they help shape them. Paid Stories is a new way for our writers to connect with the readers that help support their work.

How are stories for the program selected?

For now, the Paid Stories program is invitation only.

Wattpad’s editorial experts have worked with specialists from our Story DNA machine learning team to select stories from a variety of genres that we are certain our readers will love. Our editorial coaches work with writers to ensure the great deal of creativity, commitment, and work they pour into the stories is rewarded.

Stories are then evaluated by an array of factors:

  • Storytelling, or the ability to capture the imagination of a reader and keep them compelled. Because people need to be hooked into a story in order to pay for that story.
  • Quality, or the ability to construct a sentence that flows together and conveys your voice and storytelling.
  • Originality, or the ability to be kind of different and memorable.
  • Personality, or the ability to sustain the demands of the program. We evaluate whether or not this is a good time for a writer to join the program. Someone frequently going on hiatus, someone who could be uncomfortable with a new public role as a paid author, or even someone whose last update was “starting med school!” might not be a good fit for the requirements of the program at this time.
  • Marketplace, or what slots we have available. We only have so many spaces available and we want to make sure we don’t stifle diversity to add every possible story we love. Sometimes, we have to make hard choices.
  • Community, or how you conduct yourself on Wattpad. This should be obvious. You clearly have to love the community and love being here.

Hone your craft

It’s important to our team to support Wattpad writers any way we can. That’s why we’ve added the Paid Stories program to the number of programs already available for writers. Whether you love writing as a way to explore your creativity or as an exciting career opportunity, Wattpad is the place to share your stories with a global community of story lovers.