Support the writers that create the stories you love.

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Wattpad Paid Stories is our response to readers who want the opportunity to show support for the writers they love. Writers can now earn money for their work on Wattpad from readers who appreciate it.

The Wattpad community loves supporting stories and the writers who craft them.

Why Portal 1

From the first time a writer finds their voice to the day their final chapter is uploaded, our community is there cheering.

Paid Stories is born out of our readers’ desire to give back to their favorite writers. Just as Wattpadders love being the first to discover new talent, now they can be the first to support writers taking the next step.

Why Portal 1
Why Portal 2
Why Portal 2

While the majority of the millions of stories on Wattpad will always be free, a small selection will now be available exclusively through this new program. With support from their readers, writers on Wattpad will be able to spend more time focusing on creating more worlds to explore.

How to unlock Paid Stories

How to purchase Coins

You need Coins to read Paid Stories. It’s easy to buy Coins with your Apple or Google Play account. To purchase Coins open the Wattpad app on your mobile device. Tap the wallet on your profile to check your current balance, and load your account.

To purchase Coins select a Coin package. To read a few chapters, select a smaller package, or save money for longer stories by selecting bigger packages.

Once you select your package, enter your App Store or Play Store password, and the purchase will be charged to your account. Your Coin balance will automatically be updated anywhere you use Wattpad.

There are two ways you can support your favorite writers with Paid Stories:

One chapter at a time

Unlock each chapter when you’re ready. Just click the [Unlock next part] button to redeem Coins, and keep reading.

The whole story at once

Don’t want to redeem Coins after every chapter? Redeem them all at once so you can binge the entire story. You’ll enjoy seamless reading—and a discount compared to unlocking the story chapter by chapter!

Purchase an entire story by selecting the [Unlock whole story] option. The Coins will be deducted from your wallet, and you’ll instantly have access to the whole story. Clear your calendar.

Paid Stories

Wattpadders know a hit when they see it. In the past, our editorial experts have worked with writers to bring the characters from Wattpad gems to life on the silver screen and TV, and helped get the stories readers have supported on Wattpad publishing deals and onto best-seller lists.

Paid Stories is a new way for Wattpadders to continue this incredible support directly on Wattpad.