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  • MAFIA || KTH x JJK
    23.6K 908 11

    A story where an ordinary highschool boy getting kidnapped by the biggest mafia in the Korea when he got bullied by his friends. Does he really got kidnapped....?, what was the reason? Find it out now! Top: Tae Bottom: Kookie sorry for the long update! im back now

  • TaeKook 🔞 FF [ One Shot ]
    7.8K 214 2

    JK is home alone, his husband Tae was working like usual. JK felt bored, than he found his old human vibrator, so he thinks that he should give it a try... He turns on his phone and watch porn hub while imagining it was him and Tae. He starts the video and the vibrator, he moans and moans...until someone opens the doo...

    Completed   Mature