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  • Fight For You
    4.4M 168K 55

    When Emily applies for a position as a caregiver for Daniel, a boy with a permanent spinal cord injury, she never thought she'd also be dealing with his brash fighter of a brother, Lucas. Emily soon becomes involved in the world of fighting that seems to constantly surround Lucas as he attempts to find retribution for...

  • After Dusk
    210K 8.8K 26

    There's something strange about Laila Rose. She use to be a normal girl. One who had a boyfriend and a best friend who she loved dearly. One who's biggest worry was graduating high school. That all changed the night she was gifted with the powers of not one, but two ancient gods. Now she must live at an Academy for...

  • Guardian (Sequel to Fearless)
    458K 37.7K 100

    One year. It had been one year since Iris Gwenneth became the first heroine of Eldia --one year since her life took a dramatic turn for the better. And in this one year, she'd found meaning in the days that had once had none. Iris had a new job, one she adored. She was Rogue Captain Gwenneth of the Eldian army. She ha...

  • Glass Slippers [1st Draft]
    679K 35.1K 49

    Clara's problems can be summed up in two words: responsibility and family. After the loss of her mother, life for Clara was never the same. Although she loves her three siblings and tries to be the best sister and lady she can, the weight on her shoulders grows the more she learns and the more she has to know. When he...

  • Face Your Fears
    6.3M 272K 34

    Archer Morales's life is finally perfect. He's married to the girl of his dreams and finally has a job he enjoys. But when something completely unexpected happens, Archer discovers that his wife, Hadley, has been keeping secrets, and that his past isn't going to be staying in the past for much longer.

  • The Alphas Secret Mate
    310K 11.3K 60

    Hadley lived an exceptionally normal life until she discovered she was half werewolf. When Hadley and her boyfriend are attacked by rouges she joins Tate's pack and uncovers a whole new world. Hadley's biological father has always been a mystery to her but when a werewolf discovers who it is he threatens the lives of...

  • Daisy
    9.1M 271K 34

    He continues to stare as the young girl hums quietly, while keeping her eyes locked on the book in her hands. At the sound of his footsteps, she suddenly stops reading only to look up and let out a squeal, one that he found adorable. Her already rosy cheeks become even brighter. "Hello." He melts at the sound of her...

  • Heir To The Iron Crown ✓
    1M 42.9K 50

    [COMPLETED] (Book 1/3) It was him. It was his scent, there was no mistaking it. For months I was searching and now, I know he's here, his musky scent has never been stronger. I ran through the trees and stopped to catch my breath for a second. I couldn't see him. I couldn't hear him. But the mate bond made it possi...

  • Red Moon (Colors of the Moon #2)
    495K 19.2K 40

    Rely only on yourself. This is the rule Ren, an eighteen-year-old werewolf, lives by. Since the early age of ten she has only one goal on her mind; to become the Beta of Black Moon. However, the Moon Goddess seems to have other things in store for her. When her pack gets attacked, Ren's mother goes missing and becau...

  • Destined For the King
    5.5M 156K 72

    "Time is up, I AM CLAIMING WHAT IS MINE!" His voiced shattered throughout the entire tower. He has found me and claiming what is his; me. "Sire please, she not even 21 yet. Please let her stay for the year!" My father pleaded for my life but it was no use. I belong to him. Silence crept through the house before loud b...

  • Born to be a slave.
    862K 27.2K 64

    "See, she is totally disobedient. You are gonna regret, if you take her." his old man said again. He didn't answer him. He bent down, little bit closer to me and pulled some strands of my hair away, to get a better look at me. My eyes were shut tight. Please, not me, not me. I was chanting in my head. He curved his sm...

  • Kidnapped
    180K 3.9K 36

    Maddie Harpeterous is a 14 year old girl whose life is terrible. Her parents fight all the time, her siblings torture her, she has to do all the work. The only thing that makes her happy is music. She listens to it all the time she even writes her own. Then one day every thing changes. She is home alone one day while...

  • The meaning behind the butterflies
    3.8K 112 18

    " I know a little something about loss. I mean, It happens to everyone, eventually. But they find ways to cope. My way just so happens to be a little dangerous." + **+ When the Denver children receive news about their mother who's passed away, the oldest of seven is fo...

  • Invisible
    11K 359 37

    {completed} Third book to the Chasing Grace series. This is the story of Delilah Cage, the girl who's mother died, the girl who's brother left without a goodbye, and the girl that can't get away from her abusive step father until her step brother is her hero and comes to her rescue. A story of a girl who's always bee...

  • Rising To The Surface
    291K 14.4K 41

    Sequel to Floating in the Abyss (I recommend reading Floating in the Abyss before reading this but you could probably manage without it {but I really, really suggest you read it ;) }) ------ Ashlyn is facing the many struggles of anxiety after years of childhood trauma. Alongside the help of her family, Ash is able t...

  • The King's
    262K 7.6K 23

    Ashton Moore was abused by her father for years, up until the day the cops were called and he was arrested. She's been living on her best friend's couch ever since. Her life is turned upside down when a man arrives at her school claiming to be her legal guardian, forcing her to come and live with him. Not to mention...

  • Going back ✔️
    2M 58.2K 59

    Up until she was seven, Iris had an amazing life. She had wonderful parents, kind and protective brothers and many friends at school. However, that all changes when her parents started fighting. At first, it was about small things. Then, it got bigger and bigger until Iris's mother had enough. She filed a divorce and...

  • The Crown Prince's Bodyguard
    6.6M 390K 48

    When a prince is involved in a near death experience, he is saved by a mysterious person. With a grateful heart, he employs the man to be his bodyguard and keeps him closely by his side. Little does he know that he has brought back a girl instead. Copyright © 2019-2022 by Kim_Knights (Note: This is my original work. N...

  • A Pawn For Time (Daughter of the Olympians #1)
    221K 6.9K 51

    *EDITING* "Sometimes you gotta bleed to know that you're alive and have a soul." ~•~ From the moment that she was born, Katherine knew her life wouldn't be easy. She had no family, no home, no one to love. That is, until she wakes up in an alleyway and is thrown into a world of gods and monsters. Katherine learns to a...