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  • Mated To A Vampire (GxG) - Book 5
    290K 20.7K 99

    Loss... death.. pain... It felt like a never ending cycle at times. For Rosabel, it felt as though it was more than that, it was an entire tornado, and she was stuck in the middle of it. She was the one who was destined to save everyone.. to bring hope and harmony. Yet that prophecy seemed like a lost cause now... The...

  • Mated To A Vampire (GxG) - Book 4
    1M 67.2K 200

    Rosabel has been left by her beloved mate, who was certain that by leaving it would protect her. She had been left with the other supernaturals, all of which were now not only allies, but friends. However how long could this really last? Was Rosabel truly safe? Or would things that even her friends couldn't control co...

  • Mated to a vampire (GxG) - Book 3
    1.4M 90.4K 200

    Every species had come together around Rosabel: werewolves, vampires, angels, demons, witches. Rosabel is going to spend immortality with her now fiancée, and is super excited about it, her love for Laura only having grown day by day. However could this perfect life really last forever? Especially with people getting...

  • Mated to a vampire (gxg)
    6.2M 245K 200

    An ordinary human girl starts to have strange dreams about a mysterious woman at night. Little does she know that this mysterious figure is her mated vampire who makes it her duty to watch her and take care of her. This story is a slow burn. Contains smut, fluff, mature content

  • Mated to a vampire (gxg) - Book 2
    2.7M 135K 201

    Rosabel is now an immortal human, having chosen and been given the gift of immortality by her vampire mate, Laura, who she can now spend all eternity with. However when the two of them plan on spending every second loving each other and starting their life together properly, things start to get in the way. Contains fl...