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  • Cant Wait Anymore ~NaLu Fanfic~
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    Hi everyone! Like I said I am going to be making Fairy Tail Fanfics, I only just started making Fanfics so this is all new to me >.< Anyways, this fanfic will include lemons in the future so BE AWARE that there is going to have mature content in this book, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! About the book: So, Natsu can't hold...

  • Story of the Twin Princesses
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    Kylie & Zander has been keeping a secret for a while now... But Kylie couldn't live a lie anymore, she can't act so helpless! So, she went ahead and told Cheryl the secret, Cheryl couldn't believe it... What will Cheryl do? What will happen to Kylie now that she told Zander's Pet? Will they do anything about it? F...

  • History Of Nala
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    Nalavina, or Vina, lived like a doll all her life, because she has, all the insanity and anger had to come out. This book is the History of Nala and how it came to be. (From Prindess Drama) It is also a book about a girl named Nalavina and how difficult her life was. I hope you enjoy this thrilling book!

  • Princess Drama
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    About a girl named Amelia about to have her prince, the mother gave her a mate to be with for the rest of her life and at first Amelia didn't like him but will she later on? Zander the man Amelia is going to marry, has a plan to take over Nala, but how will he do it? Will he break Amelia's heart?