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  • Love and Obsession | Harukyu (End)
    397K 48.8K 23

    Tentang Haruto yang terobsesi kepada seseorang yang bernama Kim Junkyu. Harukyu! Start : 12 April 2021 Finish : 18 Mei 2021 Please jangan salpak! Ini lapak bxb!

    Completed   Mature
  • 1 of 112 [HaruKyu FF]
    31.7K 1.4K 39

    Bad Boy The Series : Book Three With the promise ring from Watanabe Haruto, Kim Junkyu thought their relationship would stay the same even though they live in different country and have different lifestyle. Moving their relationship to a next stage was the plan, break up surely wasn't. *I suggest you to read Book One...

  • Bad Boy [HaruKyu FF]
    24.8K 1.2K 14

    Bad Boy The Series : Book One Kim Junkyu was on his 3rd year in K-ARTS Composition Dept. when he met Watanabe Haruto, 1st year student from the same Dept. Fate brought them together to live under the same roof. Little did he knows, Junkyu tangled in between two love. ...

  • Clock [HaruKyu FF]
    20.7K 1K 23

    Bad Boy The Series : Book Two After going through so much just to be together, Kim Junkyu and Watanabe Haruto thought their relationship was fine, although it was far from perfect. Not until they realize love wasn't enough to heal their past. Could they stop the ticking clock and face their past before things got wors...

  • A Date of a Lifetime (Harukyu)
    6.5K 415 16

    After being caught up in a break up for a year, Haruto decided to finally move on. Riding on with the latest trend, he picked out his show-off fake boyfriend from a dating app called, 'Boyfriend for a Rent'. Thinking he could at least post some photos with a stranger to show his ex that he also has someone new, anothe...

  • [ END ] Thistle • Harukyu •
    43.6K 7K 15

    Ada sesuatu yang menghilang dari hidupnya...dan Haruto tak ingat itu apa ⚠️ BXB ⚠️ If you don't like go away remake story from author Fevermeanie

  • Me & Dandelion
    8.2K 1.6K 16

    Me & Dandelion Menceritakan kisah tentang seorang anggota klub Teater bernama Kim Junkyu yang mendapatkan kesempatan untuk menjadi seorang pemeran utama dalam pentas mandiri perdana mereka. Jauh sebelum pengumuman pentas dimulai, Kim Junkyu mengalami kecelakaan. Sejak saat itu, perjuangan Kim Junkyu untuk tampil dalam...

  • Lose [HARUKYU]
    23.4K 1.1K 11

    Harukyu's Fanfiction It's for fun. Don't take it personally...!! Enjoy reading it..!! Lovealots..!! WinterRain💙 "Give me your phone." He said as he glared at me. I swear I feel like he is taking my soul away. 'What? Why is he asking for my phone? I didn't take any picture of him.' Maybe because he saw me confused he...