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  • Gain Everything for YT Exchange
    5.8K 542 7

    You can gain here: • Reads • Reviews • Comments • Add into Genre reading list • Also something secret Just for a small Exchange. You can get UNLIMITED Reads, Reviews, Votes, Comments.

  • The Muffin Awards 2020
    294 25 3

    Hey, You Yah you, come find your potential, Because we here value the ideas you bring forward, and creativity. So come participate in The Muffins Awards 2020.... If you know your worth and you believe in yourself, and your words, come fill the forms, and we will find you.

  • The KitKat Awards [CLOSED]
    10.7K 1K 45

    Open {} Judging {} Closed {🍭} Welcome to the first-ever Kitkat Awards! This Awards is created by three bunch of weirdos who love candies.🍭 Are you a talented gem but but still yet to be discovered? Do you want an honest sweet-n-sour review on your penned words? Or better, are you craving for some new underrated book...

  • The Fairytale Awards 2020
    8.6K 1.1K 48

    [ ] OPEN [ ] JUDGING [🧚‍♀️] CLOSED Join these awards and get a chance to win!! Many genres available❤❤

  • *Judging* The Leaves Award 2021 {English}
    7.4K 502 13

    OPEN second round (NO/CLOSED CLOSED (YES) STARTED JUDGING: YES Do you want to win amazing prizes? It's not 2021 yet. But you still can enter your book. :) You only need to sign in. You can register as Judge and Participant. You can do both too. Wattpad 2020 Copyright Open since: 8-8-2020

  • MoonStone Awards 2020 [JUDGING]
    30.9K 2.1K 53

    Open ( _ ) Judging (🔵) Close (🔵) Status: Now Closed for Judging All Genres Available! No Read Limit! Awesome Prizes are waiting 🏆 Come join in! Be one of the first MSA Winners. Open for participant and judges💙 Take a look inside, read and follow the rules to participate. Deadline of Submission will be on Octobe...

  • The Premiere awards
    12.1K 889 19

    Welcome to the first edition of the Premiere awards. Join, enjoy and win. We are punctual and do not carry the awards for a long time. OPEN (✔️) JUDGING () CLOSED ()

  • The Utopian Legacy Awards 2020 {Open}
    8K 652 67

    The 1st Awards hosted by The UtopianSociety. Do you lack appreciation for your treasures, also known as "books"? Is your book not able to gain the recognition it legitimately deserves? OR Are you not able to acquire the glory you rightfully deserve? We can help you to get noticed and gain your deserved fame! Perha...

  • The Bookaholics Zeal (Awards)
    1.8K 134 11

    Awards hosted by The Bookaholics Community. Open (❌) Judging (✔️) Closed ()

  • PRIDE WRITING Showcase By Scarlet Bloom
    5.9K 580 29

    OPEN❎ JUDGING✅ CLOSE❎ Welcome to the PRIDE WRITING SHOWCASE!!!! *Every genre and every target age group are allowed to participate. This platform is to shine the outstanding writers who have been hidden till now. Exciting prizes awaiting!!!

  • The End of An Era Awards
    2.4K 250 23

    Open() Judging () Closed (♕) An Era is defined as "A long distinct period of history" and that's exactly what this year has been. 2020 has been filled with chaos, forcing us to re-examine our lives whilst learning to appreciate the little things along the way. I'd like to think that's what this awards is - a little...