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  • The Witch and the Prince
    24.1K 928 5

    Second in the series "Of Magic and Flesh" Sequel to The Healer and The General After the battle with the southern clans, Demi finally revealed some of the truth about herself to Eric. She told him that she was a witch, a half human-half fae hybrid. But there are still many secrets between the two. And now, the darker...

  • The Healer and the General
    571K 20.3K 35

    Demetria Viitor is a witch, a half human-half fae hybrid. She was also a healer and slave to the Ura clan. Until the Northern fae attacked and everything changed. Ericson Dragoste, general of the Northern fae, couldn't care less about his fated mate. Until he met her. Cover design by dancingpandapall