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  • Fairy tail's forgotten member[Slow Updates]
    120K 2.5K 44

    Thana is a little girl who joined fairy tail a little after Erza. Though she has been in the guild for eight years the only people that truly know her are mirajane, laxus, guildarts and master. That is, until someone makes her mad gaining her a lot of attention. How will her fellow guildmates react when they find out...

  • Natures Wind(Azawias daughter) (bnha/mha fanfiction)
    24.4K 505 5

    started:may20 2019 ended:

  • Cursed Quirk - Erasers Daughter ~ BNHA X READER
    167K 5.7K 32

    Y/n, the daughter of the Pro Hero "Eraser Head" and a villain named "Copy Cat". With a villainous quirk, she can never be a hero, right? She is raised by other villains after her mother dies protecting her at age 6. She never knew her father and only knew the life of a villain. Not like she wanted that life, she didn'...

  • Villainous Heroes (Bakugou x Oc)
    32.5K 1.2K 49

    Karin Komei's dream is to be the #1 pro hero and joining U.A High is step one to achieving her goal. Little did she know that there are many others with that very similar dream and one happens to be a hot headed blonde with no filter. ~Slow burn~ DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING MY HERO ACADEMIA ONLY MY OC. 2019

  • You're my Hero (Boku no Academia Fanfic)
    113K 3.3K 23

    She had a bad past with her father She was considered emotionless She didn't have many friends She was believed to be quirkless ...But is she really. (I do not own Boku no Hero Academia)

  • Sound part 1 [My Hero Academia AU] [Discontinued]
    28.1K 612 20

    When a half-blind girl gets into UA, she catches the attention of everyone around Japan, including the League of Villains. Things don't go as planned when a boy called Hitoshi Shinso gets involved. Believing her half brother and mother to be dead, Jade Sakura makes it her mission to help her father as she falls deeper...